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All the options for traveling within Modiin and out of the city. Includes all public transport, taxi, bike and car services.
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Hanna Barhum - Driving Instructor
Modiin General
Professional driving instructor and director of the Reut Driving School. Graduate of academic program - Bar Ilan - for road safety. Specializes in working with students with learning disabilities. English speaking. Offers guidance and submi
Ilan Bason - Service Center for All Types of Cars
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Leading and central service center in the area, offering you all car services under one roof. The center, which was founded in 1980 as a family business, is managed professionally and reliably, and serves thousands of customers who will tes
Israel Railways - Modiin Central Station
Azrieli Mall
As of Thursday, March 31, 2022, the new electric railway line between Modi'in and Jerusalem started operating - the train goes to the Yitzhak Navon station, near the Central Bus station and Jaffa Street. Travel time from 'Modiin Merkaz': 29
Israeli Railways - Pa'atei Modiin Station
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
As of Thursday, March 31, 2022, the new electric railway line between Modi'in and Jerusalem started operating - the train goes to the Yitzhak Navon station, near the Central Bus station and Jaffa Street. Travel time from 'Pa'atei Modiin': 2
Itzik Matityahu - Driving Instructor
Modiin General
Driving lessons in a private car, both manual and automatic, taught by a skilled teacher with 20 years of experience as a driving instructor. For those who want to learn to drive for life, not just pass the test! Driving lessons are taught
Kaliber - Smadar - Car Accessories & Carwash
Modiin Ilit
Accessories include: Top car multimedia and sound systems (speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, radio disc and DVD screens). Luxury accessories and supplements for cars. Wide range of permanent/Bluetooth car speaker systems. Key copying for im
Kavim Public Transportation - Modiin City & Intercity Buses
Transportation Center
The transportation company that operates Modiin Maccabim Reut's bus system. The service point for Rav-Kav cards is located at the new offices of Kavim, in the new public transportation complex between the mall and the Modiin Central train s
Kia Modiin - Showroom & Car Dealership
If the time has come to buy a new car, or you just feel like a change, you are welcome to come and get to know the new Kia models, enjoy a luxurious driving experience, and special conditions for your next car. All you need to do is choose
La Auto - Everything For Your Car
Azrieli Mall
Car batteries - service to the customer's home. Rescue services - service to the customer's home. Fixing electric windows. Copying coded keys. Copying remote controls for cars and gates. Installation of all types of hands-free devices (dibu
Liad Car Services (Oded Harati)
General garage services for all vehicles, managed by Oded Harati. 25 years of experience in the field, Modiin resident. Yearly car servicing Road test preparation and passing services Diagnostics Air conditioning including new gas Hybrid an
Jumper Cables for Only 80 ₪!
Mika Gas Station - Yishpro
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Open 24/7. Station includes a convenience store and car wash services.
Modiin Tires (Tzmigei Modiin)
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Sale of all types of tires, repair of flat tires, computerized wheel alignment, sale and repair of magnesium rims. Also available: batteries, windscreen wipers and light bulbs. Licensed sales agency for Michelin, Pirelli and Continental and
Free Flat Tire Repair with Purchase of Tires!
Modiin-Airport Taxi & Transportation
Modiin General
Meir Chen - your personal and private driver! Rides and deliveries throughout the country. Luxury, air conditioned, new and spacious VIP vehicles for up to 22 passengers! New! Mercedes minibus for up to 16 passengers with large luggage area
Musach Daniel - Garage
General car mechanics. Servicing for all types of cars. Collection of car from the customer's home. Offering a wide range of car services: 10,000 km check up Tires Car batteries Preparation and passing of tests Body work and painting Fillin
Musach Dima - Authorized Garage and Towing Services
Specializing in air conditioning, diagnostics and general mechanics for all types of cars. Garage is licensed by the Transportation Ministry. Rescue and towing services within 15 minutes in the Modiin area! Range of services includes: Gener
25% Off Towing Services!
Musach HaAchim Gez - Garage
Full range of car servicing. Services the garage offers include: Car mechanics Electrics Air conditioning Car batteries Diagnostics Preparation for test Test passing services Break certificates Car preparedness for test
Musach Shilat
The first and longest established garage in Modiin, since 1992. General car mechanics department Periodical servicing Electrics department Diagnostics department Air conditioning department Service garage for Shlomo Sixt group cars Hybrid d
Musach Shlomi - Authorised Garage
Repair and servicing of all types of vehicles: General auto mechanics Computerised troubleshooting MOT/vehicle-safety-inspection ('Test') Servicing Option for replacement vehicle Gas filling for air-conditioners Batteries Tires Exhausts Gar
My Bike - Bicycle & Sports Equipment Store
Keizer Center
Long established store for the sale of bikes and related equipment, including electric bikes, and a range of sports products. In-store products include: Cycling equipment Pilates mats and physio balls Safety equipment Extreme sports product
20% Off Yoga Mats and More Deals!
Night Bus Line 217: Modiin - Jerusalem
Modiin General
(Formerly bus no' 117). Bus line that allowes young people in Modiin reach some of the main areas in the capital for going out, such as Cinema City, the city center and Mamila. During the school year, the line operates only on Thursdays and
Night Bus Line 222: Modiin - Tel Aviv
Modiin General
During the school year the line operates only on Thursdays and Saturdays. Timetable: (According to starting point on Sderot Oranim in Reut on way out, and Masof Reading on return). Please note - the bus arrives to the Iriya bus stop approxi
O.S. Systems - Car Protection & Stereo Systems
Lev HaEmek
Authorized by all insurance companies for over 20 years. Specializing in the sale and installation of car protection and stereo systems. Also stocks general car accessories. Car Protection Systems Installation of code pads, safes and locati
Ofnei Ha'ir - Bike Shop
Country Center
Sales * Hire * Training – all types of repairs. The first bicycle store in Modiin, opened 14 years ago. New at Ofnei Ha'ir - club membership card offering permanent discounts and deals for club members. To join please contact the store! Rel
Oz Driving School
Euro Shops
Driving lessons for private cars, all levels of motorbikes, and for trucks. Experienced and professional instructors, who will prepare you to pass both the practical and theory exams successfully. Under the management of Herzl Bartov with o
P.G. Pachachut VeTzeva - Car Body Work
Your first stop following an accident! Professional car body work and paint work services by highly skilled and experienced professionals, at the Gil Niv service center. Ensuring your safety and the value of your car! Every car that is brou
Paz Gas Station - Modiin
Ligad / The Technological Park
Open 24/7. The station includes also a 'Yellow' store with the following services: Sale and charging of Easypark devices. Free WIFI. Charging of cell phones. ATM. Bicycle-friendly station.
Paz Gas Station - Modiin Harel
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Open 24 hours, except on Shabbat and Chag. The station includes also a 'Yellow' store with the following services: Sale and charging of Easypark devices. Free WIFI. Charging of cell phones. ATM. FedEx. Bicycle-friendly station. Adjacent car
Rafi Musach Shilat - Car Batteries, Electrics, Airco & Audio Systems
Highly respected and trusted reputation for 35 years. Specializing in all fields related to car electrics: sale and installation of car batteries, diagnostics, air conditioning and audio systems. Emergency services: towing and rescue servic
Reut - Driving School
Merkaz Renanim
Modiin's most veteran driving school. The school's team of managers and teachers includes the city's most veteran instructors, with many years experience in teaching driving. Specializing in working with students with learning disabilities
Shlomo Sixt Modiin - Shilat Branch For Car Sale, Trade-In & Leasing
Variety and stock of new cars from 0 km, first hand cars, cars from leasing and rental, and luxury cars department. Offering a variety of financing options, private leasing and operational leasing, all under one roof. The branch operates in
Shlomo Sixt Modiin - Yishpro Branch
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Car Sale, Trade-In and Leasing. Wide variety and stock of new cars from 0 km, first hand cars, cars from leasing and rental, and luxury cars department. Offering a variety of financing options, private leasing and operational leasing, all u
Shtifat Buchman - Car Wash
Euro Shops
Get a clean car - while you shop! Professional manual car wash to protect your car. Manual interior and exterior car wash - 50 ₪ Headlight cleaning Car accessories for sale. Come and visit!
Shtifat Shilat 2020 - Car Wash
Manual car washing for all types of cars - private vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, mud cleaning, minibuses, small trucks. Option for membership for internal and external cleaning. Services include: Headlight renewal Manual car wash with spe
2 Free Car Washes with Purchase of Loyalty Punch Card!
Soldiers' Bus Line from Modiin to Ir HaBahdim
Special bus route for soldiers in uniform only, operated by the IDF, through a franchisee of the Defence Ministry. The line departs every Sunday morning (and after every Yom Tov) from Ratzif 9 at the Central Bus Station in Kikar haTachbura,
Sonol Gas Station - Shilat
Open 24/7. The station includes a So-Good convenience store, and free Wi-Fi.
Splash - Car Wash
Ligad / The Technological Park
Manual hand-wash Polish and wax Re-upholstering Polishing headlights - also for car test Car accessories Tyres - plus free installation Deals for club members Deal - interior/exterior car wash for only 60 ₪!
Subaru Service Center Modiin
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Authorized Subaru service center, offering you all car services for your Subaru. The Ilan Bason Service Center is considered a leading and central service center in the area. Thousands of customers will testify to the dedicated and professi
Suzuki Modiin - Service Center and Dealership
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Authorized Suzuki service center, offering you all car services for your Suzuki. Are you interested in changing your car? Don't buy until you have visited the showroom, with a range of Suzuki models, as well as trade-in and second hand opti
Tzameret Modiin Taxis
Modiin General
Transportation services throughout the country in new, luxury cars. Fair prices. Transportation to airport and back. Additional services: Shuttle services Students from home to school/Gan and back 10 years of service in Modiin, recommendati
Tzmigei (Max) General Tire - Shilat Industrial Area
New! Main supplier of General Tire. Wide range of professional products and services for your car: Car batteries Puncture repair Car accessories Computerized front wheel alignment Tire rims for all types of vehicles Electrical and mechanica
Free Car Wash with Purchase of Tires!
Tzmigei (Max) Shilat - Tire Repairs and Sales
Main Michelin dealer in the Modiin area, providing comprehensive solutions for car wheel issues and offering a range of accessories and services for your car. Now under new management. Range of services for your car, including: Sale of bran
Free Front Wheel Alignment Test + Discount on Front Alignment Repairs!
Tzmigei Ligad
Ligad / The Technological Park
Garage specializing in the repair and installation of tires, and in the sale of tires, car batteries, windscreen wipers and car lights. Wide range of top quality products, and a variety of select car tire brands. Committed to professional s
Yaniv Levy Tires
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Consumer Tire importer. Reasonable prices and friendly service. Free rotation (moving the back wheels to the front and vice versa), air testing and pumping. Like the Facebook page to hear about promotions, discounts and more!
Yuval Taxi
Modiin General
Professional taxi service with fair prices and a reliable and courteous driver. Good level of English Inter-city rides Rides within Modiin Rides to the airport and back Delivery service Car seats for babies and boosters available by prior n
City Car Modiin - Hourly and Daily Car Rental
Modiin General
Carshare for hourly or daily rental according to your needs, with fast and accessible self-service 24 hours a day. No bureaucracy, no paperwork and no commitment. Focusing on accessibility and innovation, with hundreds of car rental station
50 ₪ Voucher for Hourly Car Rental!
Dror's Tires Shilat
Fixing flat tires and much more! Car accessories Headlight restoring Computerized wheel alignment Sale and installation of car batteries Flat tire repair for all types of vehicles Professional car consulting certified by Ministry of Economy
Kia Motors Modiin - Authorized Service Center
You are invited to Kia Motors Modiin, one of Israel's most advanced authorized professional service centers. The center's expert staff will offer you service as you have never experienced before - with an emphasis on professionalism, reliab
Free Car Check Up + Gift!
Michel Transportation Services Modiin
Modiin General
Transportation company with over 10 years of experience and a great reputation of service to the city's elderly residents, families and especially youth. Services include: Large and small cars Transportation to all parts of the country 24/7
Modiin's Public Transportation Municipal Hotline
Modiin General
New 24 hour hotline for collecting feedback from residents about the city's public transportation, in order to improve it and make it more efficient. The hotline does not replace the Kavim company's service and information hotline, but rath
Where and How To Get A Rav-Kav Card in Modiin
Transportation Center
Rav-Kav cards in Modiin are issued by the new offices of the Kavim company in Merkaz HaTachbura, between the Azrieli Mall and the Modi'in central train station. To issue a personal Rav Kav card: You must present the following: Teudat Zehut
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