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Services for Retirees in Modiin

Range of homes, organizations and activities offering services to retirees in Modiin Maccabim Reut.
Smadar David - Fitness Coach for Seniors
אורית שטיינברג קפלן
סמדר מלווה את אמנו במסירות רבה בשנה וחצי האחרונות. פנינו לסמדר על מנת לשפר את התפקוד הפיסי והכוחות של אמנו, המטרה היתה לחזקה בעזרת תרגילים פיסיים והליכה. ממצב של חוסר בטחון בהליכה, כך שהיתה נאחזת בנו בחוזקה, אמא חזרה לצעוד לעלות ולרדת במדרגות וכן גם יתר התפקודים הפיסיים הפשוטים והמורכבים השתפרו. סמדר נמצאת אצל אמא פעמיים בשבוע, ומעבר להיותה מאמנת, נוצר ביניהן חיבור רגשי, הערכה רבה וקשר חם. סמדר רואה את אמא ברגישות רבה ועם זאת גם בנחישות, היא דואגת לה במסירות מלאה, גם מעבר לתחום האימון והספורט. אמא מחכה לה בפעמיים האלו בשבוע ושמחה מאוד בבואה. אנו ממליצות על סמדר בחום רב! וכך גם אמנו❤️
Smadar David - Fitness Coach for Seniors
יאיר שרף
סמדר דויד מאמנת אותנו בשנתיים האחרונות. היא נעימה, בעלת רגישות וזאת בצד נחישות לקדם את יכולותינו הגופניות כאנשים מבוגרים, והתוצאות ניכרות!! אנו ממליצים בחום רב על סמדר!
Emergency Hotline for Senior Residents in Modiin
Modiin General
New service from the Modiin Maccabim Reut Iriyah to serve senior residents due to the spread of the Corona virus in Israel. The service includes: Important updates relevant to seniors on the Corona virus and in general, in real time. Option
Smadar David - Fitness Coach for Seniors
Modiin General
Seniors work out at home! Personal fitness training in your own home, personally customized - for all levels of physical ability, in pairs or individually. Sitting or standing, the main thing is to get moving! Training sessions include: Pos
Yossi Ben Yashar - Private Nursing Carer for the Elderly & Disabled
Modiin General
Professional, courteous and experienced helper, carer and companion for the elderly and the disabled. Providing all services according to your needs, in your home, in the hospital or in your nursing home. English and Hebrew speaking. 10 yea
Azrieli Palace Modiin
High-end senior home serving Modiin and the surrounding area. The home features groundbreaking, iconic architecture, and is spread out over 11,000 sqm, with a built-up area of 35,000 sqm. The complex has two buildings, with 239 apartments a
FitZahav - Exercise & Fitness for Seniors
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Private exercise classes and personalized fitness sessions for seniors, in-person or via Zoom, with option for training in the client's home. Instruction by Elisa Wirtschafter, an experienced certified personal train
Palace Medical - Azrieli Group Medical Center for Nursing Care and Rehabilitation
For info on the talk "Dementia in the Family" on April 2nd - click here! New! Unique private department for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, providing patients with dedicated care and supervision, including program throughout
Mifgash Emek HaEla Branch - Senior Citizen Activity Center
Social center in HaKramim neighborhood offering a wide range of activities for senior citizens (also in ENGLISH!), including classes, workshops, enrichment and learning courses, joint activities with the community and schools, and more. Ong
Tzivoni Community Center
Community center offering a variety of social activities, events and services for retirees, adults and children. Ongoing activities include: Ballroom dancing. Second generation Holocaust survivors "to tell and not to forget" - group meeting
Yonatan Aviram - Psychologist Specializing in Clinical Psychology
Psychological therapy for adolescents, adults and the elderly dealing with crisis situations and emotional outbursts, which may be expressed in feelings of anxiety, despondency and depression, post-trauma and more. Therapy with a psychodyna
Lev Physio Modiin - Physical Therapy Clinic
Ligad / The Technological Park
Innovative and well-equipped physical therapy clinic offering a wide range of treatments - for every type of pain! Subsidized treatments with Kupat Cholim Clalit and private insurance. The treatments will restore your optimal functioning bo

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