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Announcement about Work on the Water Supply System

On Wednesday 24/4, customers in some Modiin streets may experience disruptions and decreased water pressure, due to upgrading and improvement work on the city's water supply system.

The work will be carried out between 8:00-18:00.

Mei Modiin has announced that they will make every effort to provide regular water services, but advise customers to prepare a supply of water, in case of disruptions,

They also explained that this work is essential in order to continue to provide the city with quality water, 365 days per year.

The list of possibly affected streets:

In Nechalim: Migdal HaLevanon, Ma'ale Gid'on, Ma'ale Namer, N. Arnon, N. Chever, N. Yavniel, N. Meiron, N. Katlav, N. Sorek, N. Ga'aton, N. HaYarkon, N. Dalya, N. Shikma, N. Taninim, Emek Dotan.

In HaPrachim: Admonit, Afikei Mayim, Ginat Egoz, Dvoranit, Dam HaMaccabim, HaDudaim, HaNitzanim, Chavatzelet HaSharon, Chegvei HaSela, Chut HaShani, Chinanit, Chelmonit, Chartzit, Kachalit HeHarim, Karkum, Ketem Paz, Marva, Neot Deshe, Savyon, Ofer Ayalim, Atzei Ya'ar, Arugot HaBosem, Et HaZamir, Pri Magadim, Tzror HaMor, Kol Dodi, Kol HaTor, Shulamit, Shoshanat Ha'Amakim, Shir HaShirim.

In HaKramim: Adar, Cheshvan, Emek HaEla, Shvat, Tishrei.

In HaNevi'im: Eliyahu HaNavi, HaNevi'im, Chagai HaNavi, Yona HaNavi, Yirmiyahu HaNavi, Kikar Makachi HaNavi, Shmuel HaNavi.

In HaShvatim: Efraim, Binyamin, Gad, Yehuda, Yosef, Menashe, Naftali, Shivtei Israel.

In Moriya: Esther HaMalka, Ya'el HaGibora, Miriam HaCheshmona'it.

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