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Emergency Preparedness: Drill + Gas Mask Distribution

Youth Club, Yisrael Peled 100, Maccabim

The yearly national home front command drill 'Nekudat Mifne' will take place between May 26-29 2013.

All emergency services and local authorities will take part in the drill.

The drill will reach its peak on Mon 27/5, when two air raid sirens will be heard throughout the country.

The first siren will be at 12:30, in order to practice the entry into safe areas and shelters at educational institutions and places of work.

The second siren will be at 19:05 in order to practice the entry into safe areas, shelters and homes in the evening hours.

When the siren is sounded the whole population is requested to take part in the drill and enter safe areas for a period of 10 minutes.

On the day of the drill, the public shelters and safe areas in Maccabim and Reut will be opened. Residents of the city that don't hear the sirens are asked to report immediately to the municipal hotline at 106.

Distribution of Gas Masks

A gas mask distribution station will open between 2-6/6 at the Maccabim Youth Club (Yisrael Peled 100). The station will be open from 11:00-19:00.

The gas masks will be distributed by the Postal Authority on behalf of Home Front Command. Every resident can pick up gas mask for him/herself and their families with no payment, on presentation of Teudat Zehut or driver's license, on the condition the family members are listed on the Teudat Zehut supplement.

Residents who have not exchanged their gas masks since the last round of distribution last year, are invited to come and exchange for new gas masks.

Receipt of new gas masks is contingent on the return of the old gas masks. If the old gas masks have been lost, the issue has to be resolved directly with Home Front Command on an individual basis.

The gas masks are sized by person, and measurements can be taken at the station if needed. Each kit is numbered and catalogued, and in the future residents will be notified when the gas masks are out of date and need to be exchanged.

The Modiin Maccabim Reut municipality calls on all residents of the city to take advantage of the opening of the station and the convenient opening times in order to receive the appropiate kits and to be prepared for emergencies.

Additional information in the link below.


2-6/6. Sun-Thu: 11:00-19:00.


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