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Haim BeModiin - Headed by Haim Bibas

Ballot letters: חי.


  1. Haim Bibas.
  2. Shlomo Passi.
  3. Adv. Hila Ben Eliezer.
  4. Elad Shimonovich.
  5. Shimon Gueta.
  6. Vered Gal-Bachri.
  7. Alon Mantsur.
  8. Nava Levi-Zakin.
  9. Mali Nemni.
  10. Meir Litman.
Bibas is Modiin's Mayor and holds a seat on the current city council. Passi holds an additional party seat on the current council.
Summary of Party Platform:
Workplan for new projects:
  • New city center 'Lev HaIr Modiin' (along Sderot HaChashmonaim from below the police station up to the mall) - completion: 36-48 months.
  • City nature park (development of stages B and C of Anabe Park) - completion: 24 months.
  • Central transportation station with commercial area and connected to the mall, the train station and the future Midrechov - completion: 24 months.
  • Central city amphitheatre with 5000 seats - completion: 36 months.
  • Sports Center on Sderot Begin - completion: 12 months.
  • Muncipal youth center next to the Matnas on Emek HaEla - completion: 12 months.
  • Pensioners' center - completion: 12 months.
  • Municipal youth culture and leisure club in Ligad - completion: 18 months.
Ongoing Plans & Projects:
  • Education - Limiting number of students per class, computers and smart classrooms, development of green environment, strengthening Bagruyot and more.
  • Further development of Ligad and Einav Center.
  • Archeology and environment - branding of heritage sites such as Titora hill, and the ancient Umm El Umdan synagogue.
  • Culture and Events - continue to create leisure activities for the whole family and hold municipal events.

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