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Kulanu Maccabim Reut - Headed by Eyal Hendler

For party platform (in Hebrew) click here.

Ballot letters: כנ.


  1. Eyal Hendler.
  2. Eitan Manor.
  3. Ilam Leshem.
  4. Hadas Shlissel-Goral.
  5. Dr. Michal Zion.
  6. Eitan Nicotera.
  7. Moshe Shemesh.
  8. Danny Rozenfeld.
The 'Kulanu Maccabim Reut' party is a combination of the 'Mor Maccabim Reut' and 'Yachad Maccabim Reut' parties, who together hold 3 seats on the current city council. Rozenfeld is a member of the current city council.


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