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28/11 - 01/12 : Children's Film Festival in Modiin - Chanukah 2013

Einan Hall, Azrieli Mall - Top Floor, Lev HaIr 2, Modiin
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The full schedule with details about all the films and a special offer "2 tickets for only 50 ₪"!

For the first time, Tel Aviv Cinematheque's prestigious film festival is coming to Modiin, to the Einan Hall in Azrieli Mall, sponsored and organized by the Heichal HaTarbut of Modiin Maccabim Reut.

The Festival's program includes quality, prize-winning movies that deal with the world of children, workshops from the world of the movies, and activities for the whole family.

Full Program:

Thu 28/11, 17:30 - Opening Event: Screening of the movie 'Rafiki'.

Heart-breaking story of a friendship on the brink of breaking up. A pact of three young girls falls apart one day when one of the girls – Nashia - is forced to leave her home and follow her mother, who fled a war-torn country and is now forced to leave Norway. The two remaining best friends will do anything to help Nashia remain in Norway. Will they succeed, against all odds, to change the strict migration laws in their country?

Festivals and prizes: The Silver Lump for best Norwegian children's film 2009, Special Prize from the children's jury and Special Prize by the International Jury - Montreal International Film Festival for Children 2010.

Length: 79 min. In Norwegian, Hebrew subtitles. For ages 7+.

Fri 29/11, 10:00 - Animals and Smiles: Screening of the movies 'Bears' and 'The Penguin and I'.

'Bears' (dubbed to Hebrew) - a peek into the real world of bears. True and moving story, that will make you fall in love with the wonders of nature. Beautiful documentary uniquely portraying the story of three bears abandoned by their mother and adopted by a photographer. He takes care of them, and also documents their growing up, stage by stage.

Length: 30 min. Czech Republic, 2001. Ages: 3-6.

'The Penguin and I' (dubbed to Hebrew) - sweet and magical tale about the friendship between a boy and a penguin. What should a little boy do when a penguin appears at his front door? Discover where he came from and take him home, even if it means rowing to the South Pole. Enchanting film with beautiful soundtrack.

Length: 24 minutes. Dubbing: Gila Almagor. Ages: 3-6.

Fri 29/11, 11:30 - Movie Special Effects Workshop

Demonstration of magic and horror effects with audience participation. Variety of special effects from classic and well-known movies will be shown on the stage.

How are the fire, smoke, arrows, knives, gunshot wounds, and fakes stones and rocks created? Many surprises that will show that the violence in movies is only an illusion!

Fri 29/11, 12:30 - Screening of the movie 'Fidgety Bram'

Hyperactivity is character: 7 year-Bram can't sit still for a moment. He is curious, frantic, and full of ideas and inventions. His loving parents let his creations bloom and absorb the damage with forgiveness. When he goes into first grade, Bram has to deal with the framework of school and a strict teacher - a seemingly inevitable crisis.

Prizes: Best Dutch movie at Cinekid 2012, Rembrandt prize in the category of youth movies 2013.

Holland 2012. Ages 7+.

Sat 30/11, 11:30 - Screening of the movie 'Twigson Ties the Knot'

Great adventure, a world in which talking twigs pursue criminals. Amazing and unusual movie about the boy Junior and his imaginary friend (Twigson), an amusing twig. The partners share a magical adventure in an imaginary world where twigs talk. Based on the children's book.

Length: 78 min. Norway 2010. Ages 7+.

Sat 30/11, 17:30 - Screening of the movie 'Nicostratos the Pelican'

Magical and special movie starring the renowned director Emir Kusturica in its leading role.

Janis, 14 year old boy, lives a quiet life with his father on a small Greek island. Since his mother's death, his relationship with his father has only deteriorated. One day, Janis finds a young pelican and decides to take it home with him and raise it in secret, not an easy task on a small island. A special friendship quickly develops between the two, and becomes the talk of the island, even leading to reconciliation with his father.

Length: 108 min. Ages: 9+.

Sun 1/12, 11:30 - Screening of the movie 'Rosso Come il Cielo' (Red as the Sky)

Rare and moving movie: story set in the 70's, about a boy who goes blind and battles against all odds to win his freedom and fulfil his dreams like any other child. Inspired by the life story of Mirco Mencacci, one of the most gifted sound editors of today's movie industry.

Length: 90 min. Ages: 8+.

Sun 1/12, 13:00 - Workshop: 'How to make a movie'

Auditions with the cooperation of the audience, shooting short scenes and understanding the world of the movies, together with the audience. Afterwards the movie made by the children will be shown on the big screen.

The workshop will take place in the Einan hall and is intended for the whole family.

Sun 1/12, 16:30 - Screening of the movies 'Leon in Wintertime' and 'Ludovic'

'Leon in Wintertime' (dubbed): sweet and surprising tale with an original hero, and suitable for young viewers. Animated tale that proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of a prince on a white horse, a group consisting of a bear, an elephant and a hedgehog goes to save a princess from an evil giant. On their way, they'll have to overcome many obstacles, as heroes do - but together they'll succeed to save the princess.

Length: 26 min. Canada 2007. Ages: 3+.

'Ludovic' (dubbed): Series of short films starring the especially cute bear Ludovic. Each of the short stories helps children cope with the world around them, to make up stories, play with friends, and deal with difficulties such as fear of others and losing something important.

Length: 50 min. Canada 2003. Ages: 3+.

Sun 1/12, 18:30 - Screening of the movie 'Ducobu'

Enjoyable comedy for the whole family about a creative and mischievous student. The succesful comic comes to life in a colorful comedy. 11-year old Ducobo does not like to spend time studying, and prefers to be naughty and read comic books. His father warns him that if he is kicked out of his new school, he'll simply send him to boarding school. Despite the threat hanging over his head, Ducobo continues his capers, that prove to be useful to rescue his friends on his annual school trip.

Festivals: Cabourg Film Festival, France 2012.

Length: 96 minutes. Ages: 8+.


28/11-1/12. 35 ₪ per movie or workshop.

ModiinApp users can purchase 2 tickets for only 50 ₪ - details on the 'Deals' tab above.


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