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Tamari Gonzalez - Flamenco and Oriental Dance Classes

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Classes for all levels using a special technique, making dance accessible and possible.

Even before your mind fully understands, you will learn to dance with feeling, and steer it in the direction you want, benefitting the dancer.

Tamari's school is a nurturing incubator, promoting personal development in a positive, warm and caring atmosphere.

Tamari is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, highly educated in classical Spanish dance, folk, flamenco and oriental dance, who has performed respected stages (mainly in Spain and Israel).

Flamenco lessons

Classes focus on the unique flamenco posture, the various rhythms, positioning of the body, the hands (and fingers) and head, clapping, dancing with castanets, batons, fans and shawls, dancing with the flamenco skirt, dancing with the skirt "tail" (bata de cola), footwork, spatial movement, and of course choreography.

Oriental dance classes - belly dance

In these lessons you will learn the different rhythms, including gypsy rhythms, the isolation techniques of oriental dance, dance with 'sagat' (castanets of oriental dance), scarves and batons, and also choreography.

Laughter workshop

Every Sunday at 20:30. Laughing Yoga is an activity that evokes laughter in order to promote health, improve mood and reduce stress, as well as create physical and mental relaxation.


Suitable for girls, teenage girls and women for any occasion.



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