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Kabbalat Shabbat at the Modiin-Maccabim Reut Pacifier/Dummy Tree

Emek HaChula Park, opposite building number 86, Modiin

A special tree allowing children who are being weaned off their pacifier/dummy, to hang their pacifiers/dummies on the tree together with the ones of other children, and thus bid a dignified farewell to their beloved pacifier/dummy.

Next to the tree, a sign has been erected with a small poem that can be recited with the child: "עץ חביב, עץ יקר אני כבר ילד גדול ובלי מוצץ הכל אני יכול. ביי ביי למוצץ, תהנה על העץ". ("Kind tree, dear tree, I am now a big boy/girl and can do everything without my pacifier/dummy. Bye bye pacifier/dummy, have fun on the tree")

The tree is situated on Emek HaChula, in the small amphitheater surrounded by Ficus trees, next to the park (behind the Country Center) opposite building number 86.

The tree itself is a Magnolia, whose relatively low branches allow easy access for parents to hang the pacifiers/dummies.


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