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02/07-04/07 : The Dibbuk - Theater Show

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

One of the most important classics of Jewish theater, in a modern adaptation and renewed interpretation.

The love story of Chanan and Leah - Chanan, a poor Yeshiva boy, hears that the love of his life, Leah, the daughter of a rich man, is about to get married to another man, and dies. Instead of moving to the Olam HaBa, his soul continues to dwell between the two worlds, until the day of the wedding, when Channan returns to Leah, as a Dibbuk who takes over his beloved's soul.

The story of a love that is greater than life.

Gesher Theater.



  • Thu 2/7, 20:30.
  • Fri 3/7, 11:00.
  • Sat 4/7, 21:00.

200 ₪.


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