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14/12 : Shabbat HaZahav - Orna Porat Theater [Chanukah 2015 in Modiin]

Einan Hall, Azrieli Mall - Top Floor, Lev Ha'Ir 2, Modiin

Modest and generous Yosef works hard for his wages but never forgets to always help others, in contrast to his very rich and very stingy neighbor.

One day the neighbor dreams that all his money is taken from him and given to his neighbor, Yosef. When he wakes up from his dream in a panic, he exchanges all his money for a gold bar which he guards carefully.

While the neighbor keeps himself busy with various tricks to keep Yosef away from his gold bar, Yosef keeps on behaving in his quiet and modest way, distributing good wherever he goes, until the surprising end.

Will the neighbor's dream come true? Will poor Yosef achieve great wealth? And what is more important - wealth or happiness?

The play shows what is to be earned from giving to and helping others, and teaches us about modesty and gratitude for what we have.


Mon 14/12, 17:30. 50 ₪.


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