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25/12 : Ethnix Live

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

The longest running Israeli band is celebrating 30 years of making music in a spectacular show of their greatest hits:

Matai LaChzor, Tzipor Midbar, Katurne Masala, Ketem HaPri, Tutim, Achshav Ani BaBayit, Jessica, Shir Yashan, Tavi Ktzat Dinaros, Black BMW, Ha'Ahava Tenatze'ach, Hi Lo Tashuv, BaMechonit, Shnayim Shnayim, HaTa'am Nishar, Ki HaChayim Kol Kach Yafim, Ahavat Chinam, Yihyeh Lanu Tov, Geshem Sheli, Emuna & more...


Fri 25/12, 22:00.

129 ₪ on the website of Heical HaTarbut, 149 ₪ - full price.


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