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BAEAT - Private Meals

Location of your choice, option to use chef's home.
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Unique culinary experience, in your own home, in the chef's house or another location of your choice. Suitable for any festive event you want to celebrate in a different and special way. Prepared by Chef Dudu Balulu ('La Regence').

For menu click here! (seasonal changes possible).

Imagine a private event where you are the at the center, in an intoxicating atmosphere filled by aromas and flavors created uniquely for you, knowing, yet not knowing what the next dish is, surprised, excited, laughing, and above all, enjoying an evening that is an unforgettable experience.

The connection and intimacy between a chef and his diners creates a pleasant, more close and relaxed atmosphere than can be achieved in restaurants - whether it is a romantic meal for two, a festive meal with friends or family, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any other event.

All dishes are created from the freshest and highest quality ingredients, straight from the market to your plate, combining color, aroma and taste with variety and uniqueness.

All meals are prepared under the direction of Chef Dudu Balulu, whose resume includes 5 years as the operational chef at La Regence restaurant (Restaurant of the Year for 2019 - kosher chef restaurant), under chef Dudu Biton.

Call now to find out how to create your special event!

Kosher without a certificate (due to the fact there is no option for a business that works from home to obtain certification).

Gift vouchers available!


All week, not including Shabbat.



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