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Useful City Information in Modiin

Emergency numbers, public transportation, gas stations, post office branches, banks, shuls & more...
New! Real recommendations from your friends in Modiin! You can now make it quick and easy for fellow-Modiinites in your community to find and enjoy the services of your favourite and most trusted tradesmen, professionals, eateries, shops, s
T-I-M Mortgage & Financial Consulting
Ligad / The Technological Park
Managed by Eyal Abramowitz, native English speaker. Experience & knowledge working on your behalf! Specializing in new mortgages, re-financing and commercial loans. Professional consulting services that will save you time and money, while p
Tamarim - Your Concierge in Israel
Modiin General
Offering a wide range of highly personalized services based on clients’ priorities, needs and preferences - for those moving to Israel, traveling to Israel or requiring almost anything at all done in Israel. Assisting with: Everything you n
Tanya Kuchar, Attorney-at-Law - Real Estate & Notary
Modiin General
English and Hebrew speaker, offering services to new Olim and overseas investors. Specializing in real estate law, property taxes, building permits, wills and estates and corporate and commercial contracts, with 10 years experience in the f
Terem - Emergency Medical Center
24/7 Emergency medical care.
Terminal 4 Pets - International Pet Transportation
Merkaz Renanim
The Israeli agency for international pet transportation, offering a full range of services to people traveling internationally with their pets. Services include: Document preparation Veterinary services Cargo shipments Airline approved kenn
The Association for the Elderly in Modiin
Association set up in 2000 by the Modiin municipality and volunteers (mostly pensioners) in order to develop and provide services to elderly residents of the city . For donations or to volunteer call: 08-9706262 For information in Hebrew on
The City Center Project is on its Way!
The tender for the construction of Modiin Maccabim Reut's new city center, has now been published, and will include housing, offices and a pedestrian shopping street. The tender, which is being offered by the Israel Lands Authority in coord
The HandyMench - A Premier Handyman Service
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Doing virtually every kind of job needed to upkeep the home, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices, and a 'wor
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Handyman Jobs!
The HandyMench - Premier Air Conditioning Services
Modiin General
Native English speaker. All types of air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance jobs, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Air Conditioning Jobs!
The HandyMench - Premier Electrician Services
Modiin General
Native English speaker. All types of electrical repairs and installations, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices, and a 'worry-free gu
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Electrical Jobs!
The HandyMench - Premier Plumbing Services
Modiin General
Native English speakers. All types of plumbing jobs, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices, and a 'worry-free guarantee' on all work d
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Plumbing Jobs!
The Modiin Economic Development Company
The New Beit Chabad Modiin
Assitance encompassing all areas - material needs as well as spiritual matters: Judaism, T'fillin and Mezuzot, Bar Mitzva, Pidyon Kapparot, food and groceries, personal issues and more. Special assistance for families of soldiers from the a
The New Beit Chabad Ohalei Menachem Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Ha'Ari)
The synagogue in the new Chabad House, which also includes the offices of Chabad and an events hall. Gabai - Dr. David Weizman.
Time For Change - Azrieli Mall Branch
Azrieli Mall
Monetary services: Now available: paperless USA checks - ACH instant electronic payment transfer system – at far less than the cost of a check! Call now for more information! Money transfers. Cashing in American and UK checks. Foreign curre
Time For Change - Chashmona'im Branch
Monetary services: Now available: paperless USA checks - ACH instant electronic payment transfer system – at far less than the cost of a check! Call now for more information! Money transfers to destinations around the globe. Cashing in Amer
Titora Synagogue (Nosach Ashkenazi Achid)
One of the oldest shuls in Modiin. Congregants include both native Israelis and new Olim. The shul davens in Nosach Achid (Sefarad). The community welcomes members from throughout the neighborhood and helps organize family simchas, also for
Tnu LaChayot Lichyot Dog Shelter - Kfar Ruth
Kfar Rut
For those looking to adopt a dog, the shelter houses dozens of dogs waiting to be adopted. Some of them can be seen on the website below. The shelfter was originally located in Meshek Dror. Please note, adoption can only take place in the p
Tze'irei HaGiva Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Gabai - Tzachi Green
Tze'irei Modiin Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Chaim Dar. For prayer times & shiurim on weekdays and Shabbat click here!
Tze'irein Keizer Synagogue - Gan Galil (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Amir Sagi.
Ulpan in Modiin
Adult Ulpan: Morning and evening classes available for adult Olim. The department runs 3 different levels of Ulpan (Alef, Bet and Gimmel). There is also an Ulpan for pensioners. Co-ordinator: Avigail Vainer. Children's Morning Ulpan in a lo
Union Bank / Bank Igud - Branch 154
Keizer Center
Banking services & ATM. Note! As of November 2018 the opening times have changed, and the bank is open in the afternoons on Mondays and Wednesdays (instead of Mondays and Thursdays).
Uri Tzafon Minyan (Yemenite)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Yaniv Chatzeroni.
UVacharta BaChaim Synagogue (Sephardi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Gabai - Boaz Avrahami.
Veterinary Services
Volunteer Emergency Rescue Unit
Modiin General
The unit is currently preparing to recruit more volunteers - more information about the unit below. To join, please contact the Director of Security at the Iriya, Shmulik Cohen, by phone: 08-9726190 or email: Eightee
WIZO House - Community Services
Vintage Boutique for clothes, accessories, shoes, household goods, kitchenware, toys and games for donation and purchase. All donations of items in good condition are welcomed! Once a month there is a large bazaar sale to which the public i
Yad Sarah - Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Branch
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Note! The branch has moved from the Caravans on Sderot HaChashmona'im to a permanent building in Shimshoni, opposite Ironi Gimel. In addition to the change of location, the branch had also been significantly upgraded and apart from lending
Yam-Bus - Transportation for Youth on Saturdays to Palmachim Beach & Rishon Cinema City
Modiin General
Also in September! The 'Yam-Bus' will continue to offer rides until 21/9! New bus route on Saturdays for youth and young adults, from Modiin to Palmachim beach and Cinema City in Rishion LeZion, and back. The 'Yam-Bus' will start offering t
Yaniv Building & Renovation
Modiin General
Mostly working with English-speaking clientele. Specializing in luxury renovations for overseas clients with property in Israel as well as local clients with high renovation standards and expectations. Focusing on quality and reliability, w
Yedidim - Volunteer Organization for Non-Medical First Aid
Modiin General
Car stuck? Kid locked in? For every mishap, for every person left helpless and in need of rescue or assistance - there is someone to give free help, regardless of race, gender or religion. The Yedidim organization, which is active throughou
Yekir Efraim Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Yitschak Filler.
Yes - Satellite TV
Use to the following links for specific information (in Hebrew) on Yes's various services: For viewing packages Customer services hotlines (see call centers opening times below) Services when moving house
Yeshivat Hesder Meir Harel Modiin
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Established in 2005 and part of the Hesder Yeshiva world devoted to both traditional Torah values, national and community service. The yeshiva runs several community programs, in which they work with olim, prepare for bar-mitzva, run shiuri
Yom Kippur Ashkenazi Minyan in Maccabim
Gabai - Amitai Ritter.
Yom Kippur Services for Everybody in Nachal Zohar
Contact person - Alon Chazani.
Yom Kippur Services in Reut (Sephardi)
Gabay - David Betzalel.
Yosef Li (Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Shay Tomarian.
Yuda - Center for Young Adults
Municipal center for residents of Modiin Maccabim Reut aged 18-30. The center offers support services for young adults, soldiers, discharged soldiers, students, scholarship students and young couples in all areas of life: education, employm
2019-2020 School & Ganim Placement Results
To view the results click here! As of 13/6/19 at 15:00 and up until 23/6/19 at 10:00, the results of the school and ganim placements for the next school year in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut will be available for viewing on the municipal website. A
April 2019 Knesset Election Results in Modiin - by Neighborhood
Modiin General
For the results in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut of the September 2019 elections - click here! The 5 parties that got the most votes in each and every neighborhood of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, and at the end of the list - also the overall results in the
Beit HaDo'ar Azrieli Mall - Main Post Office Branch
Azrieli Mall
The central post office branch in Modiin. Includes 6 service desks. (The page and the opening hours were last updated on 18/12/2018).
Emergency Medic Course at United Hatzalah
Modiin General
Want to save lives? Join Israel's largest volunteer organization for saving lives. Emergency medic course (in Hebrew) for Modiin residents opening soon for suitable candidates. At the end of the training, those suitable will join the organi
‭21/10‬ : Hakafot Shniyot 2019 in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut [Free]
Modiin General
Hakafot for the general public on Motzei Simchat Torah. As in previous years, the Hakafot take place in two locations: Outside the Cultural Center with Amit Sofer & his orchestra. At the Lev Reut Commercial Center with the singer and keyboa
Local Elections Results 2018 in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut
The full final results including the soldiers votes. Number of votes: 40,077. Voter turnout: 63.7% (12% more than the elections in 2013). For mayor Haim Bibas - 33,594 votes, 90.59%. Green Ballot Paper - 3,467 votes, 9.41%. For the council
Mei Modiin - Modiin-Maccabim-Reut's Water Company
Azrieli Mall
Main activities: Renovation, upgrading and development of city water and sewage pipes. Improvement of customer services and high level services expected from a modern company. Installation of new and up to date technologies that upgrade the
Modiin's Public Transportation Municipal Hotline
Modiin General
New 24 hour hotline for collecting feedback from residents about the city's public transportation, in order to improve it and make it more efficient. The hotline does not replace the Kavim company's service and information hotline, but rath
‭04/01 - 11/01‬ : Open Days at the Al-Ezori Elementary Schools in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut
Modiin General
As part of the preparation for the 2019-20 school year registration, there will be open days at the elementary schools who have now been defined as 'Al-Ezori', and are accepting registration from all city residents (regardless of the neighb
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