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Emergency numbers, public transportation, gas stations, post office branches, banks, shuls & more...
New! Real recommendations from your friends in Modiin! You can now make it quick and easy for fellow-Modiinites in your community to find and enjoy the services of your favourite and most trusted tradesmen, professionals, eateries, shops, s
ESRA - Second Hand Bookshop
Azrieli Mall
Corona virus update: open as usual according to Health Ministry guidelines. Wide range of fiction, biographies, classics, romance, science fiction, Jewish themes, children’s and teen books, and more. Proceeds benefit children at Neve Esra i
ESRA Modiin - English Speaking Residents Assocation
Modiin General
Independent English speaking non-profit organisation run by volunteers. All ESRA Modiin's efforts raise funds for Neve ESRA, the afternoon care center for children in ‎Modiin. The organisation runs a second-hand bookshop stocking both Engli
Etz Chaim Synagogue - Gan Itam (Indian Minyan Nosach Sephardi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Gabai - Evan Samuel.
Ezer Modiin - Rabbi Segal
Caravan Site
Accepting donations of food, furniture, clothes, toys, bedding, electronics and all other household goods for distribution to the needy. All items must be in good condition. Accepting donations for Pidyon Kapparot, Kamcha DePascha and Matan
Fire Station Modiin
Mitcham HaCaravanim
Emergency hotline for firefighting and rescue services in Modiin and the surrounding areas.
FiRN - Financial Resource Network
Modiin General
Financial strategies and consulting for Israelis, new and veteran Olim, before and after Aliyah. Native English speakers, Hebrew and French available. Serving and teaching individuals, families and businesses for over 20 years. Presenting w
First Hotel in Modiin Maccabim Reut
Modiin General
Great success for the tender for the establishment of Modiin Maccabim Reut's first hotel, which will contain 50 hotel rooms and another 30 residential units (with the possibility of conversion to hotel rooms). The hotel, which will be built
First International Bank Modiin - Branch 128
Donna Center
Banking services & ATM. Note! The opening times have changed, and the bank is now open in the afternoons on Mondays and Wednesdays (instead of Mondays and Thursdays).
Gan Barkan Synagogue (Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Aharon Mualem.
Garbage, Garden Waste, Junk and Recycling Pickup Days in Modiin Maccabim Reut
Modiin General
Update 9/6/20: New Guidelines for garden waste and junk disposal! Note, from now on, garden waste and junk can be placed outside from 12 noon to midnight, the day before pickup in the neighborhood. Residents who do not follow the defined h
Gez Brothers Computers - Repairs, Upgrades & Sales
Corona virus update: open as usual with advance appointments. Free same day delivery for computer equipment and peripherals over 200 ₪ to Modiin, Na'ale and the surrounding areas. To order call: 08-9762998 Well established computer lab, fro
Free Same Day Delivery for Computer Equipment!
Goldfus Insurance
Ligad / The Technological Park
The largest English speaking agency in Israel, providing smart solutions in the property, liability and pension fields. Expertise in working with Olim Chadashim and Aliyah associations. Goldfus Insurance’s large team of experts offers profe
Grossman & Co. CPA
Ligad / The Technological Park
English speaker, specializing in Israeli and US tax compliance, tax planning and tax benefits for new olim. We believe in our clients' success, therefore we will do our best to provide you the best solutions. Our services include Israeli an
HaAguda LeTarbut HaDiur Modiin - Advice & Support for Va'adim & Residents of Apartment Buildings
Municipality Building
The Aguda LeTarbut HaDiur, established by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, operates in a number of fields, in order to improve the living conditions and the proper management of communal property in shared apartment buildings. The
HaBen Ish Chai Synagogue (Sephardi)
Gabai - Shalom Dvash.
HaKehilati Maccabim Synagogue (Combined)
Gabai - Asher Trabelsi.
HaMeginim Synagogue - Dimri Towers (Ashkenazi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Nosach Ashkenaz on HaYamin HaNor'iim, Nosach Achid during the rest of the year. Gabay - Gershon.
HaTziporim Neighborhood
Modiin General
Covering an area of 370 dunam, HaTziporim is one of two new neighborhoods in the city currently under construction, and in the process of selling housing units. Location The neighborhood is located between Keizer, Givat C and Buchman (see a
Hazel Brief MSW - ADHD Coaching for Teens & Adults
Native English speaker. Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCC) and Clinical Social Worker (MSW) for teens, adults and parents, helping them to improve focus, time management and inner peace. Specializing in stress and anxiety, relationship
Health Advize - Health Advice Made Easy!
Modiin General
Helping you navigate the Israeli Health care system, maximize your benefits and find the doctor and services that are right for you and your loved ones - in English! Offering: Access to a health consultant who is available, understands the
Heichal Michael Nachum Synagogue (Yemenite)
Gabai - David Cohen. On Yom Kippur only - Yom Kippur service for everybody (For more information: Alon Chazani - 050-3567930).
Heichal Shmuel Synagogue - Shevet Achim (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Yoni Malka. שיעורי התורה בבית הכנסת שיעור לגברים: חברותות עם אברכים - כל אחד לומד מה שהוא רוצה בקצב שהוא רוצה. מעביר השיעור: אברכים תלמידי חכמים. קהל יעד: חילוניים ודתיים, מתחזקים ומתחילים (אפשרות לחבורתא בצרפתית). זמן: ימי חמישי בי
Holy Rollers House Painting
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Israel's premier house painting company. Holy Rollers provides the highest levels of service in the industry with expert workmanship, and precise and clean house painting. Wide range of services to fit your needs and budget. No matter how b
Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref) - Info for Modiin Residents
For the National Emergency website following the spread of the Corona virus - click here! The website includes information and guidelines for dealing with the Corona virus, and acts as a central platform for updates from all the relevant s
Hot - Telephone, Internet Infrastructure & Cable TV
For information in English click here. Note! To call Hot for free, or at a regular local rate, use the numbers we included above, and not the *6900. Use the following links for more detailed and specific information (in Hebrew) on Hot's var
IMC - Israel Mortgage Consulting and Financial Services
Ligad / The Technological Park
Managed by Eyal Abramowitz, native English speaker. Experience & knowledge working on your behalf! Specializing in new mortgages, re-financing and commercial loans. Professional consulting services that will save you time and money, while p
Iriyah Policy on Private Events in Public Parks
Modiin General
All the details and procedures to be taken into account before planning to hold a party or event in one of the parks in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. Please note that a special permit is required for events at Anava Park. Permitted events include:
Israel Cancer Association
Azrieli Mall
Established as a voluntary organization in 1952, with the aim of reducing cancer morbidity and mortality and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The ICA has earned its widespread recognition, both nationally and international
Israel Railways - Modiin Central Station
Azrieli Mall
Due to the work on the train line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - it is recommended to check the Israel Railways website for updates regarding changes in the service for passengers to and from Modi'in. Click below for information in Englis
Israeli Railways - Pa'atei Modiin Station
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Due to the work on the train line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - it is recommended to check the Israel Railways website for updates regarding changes in the service for passengers to and from Modi'in. Click below for information in Englis
Kahilat Yachad Synagogue - Shimshoni Minyan (Combined: Ashkenazi Achid - Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Gabai - Yossi Nimni.
Kavim Public Transportation - Modiin City & Intercity Buses
Transportation Center
The transportation company that operates Modiin Maccabim Reut's bus system. The service point for Rav-Kav cards is located at the new offices of Kavim, in the new public transportation complex between the mall and the Modiin Central train s
Kehilat Achva Synagogue (Masorti Egalitarian)
Shabbat and chagim services. Mixed seating. Chairman - Rhea Plosker.
Kehilat Darchei Tzion Synagogue (Ashkenzi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Services every Shabbat morning. Gabai - Ilan Griboff / Yossi Shebson.
Kehilat El-Ad Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Matti Alper.
Kehilat HaLu'ach Ha'Ivri Synagogue (Ashkenazi Achid)
Gabay - Moshe Inbar.
Kehilat HaShimshoni Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Headed by Rabbi Eran Daum. Gabay - Motti Siri.
Kehilat Lechu Neranena (Ashkenaz)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabay - David Harris.
Kehilat Lechu Neranena Minyan (Ashkenazi Egalitarian)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Every Shabbat Mevarchin and two weeks later. Contact before chag for details. English speaking contact: Mathew 050-4265685. Gabai - Betzalel Sosnovich.
Kehilat Ma'arava - Gan Shushan (Ashkenazi Achid)
Contact person - Asher Erlich.
Kehilat Meir Modiin - Mishkan Gershon Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Gabai - Itamar Zer Kavod.
Kehilat Meitar (North African - Moroccan)
Gabai - David Oslin. שיעורי התורה בבית הכנסת שיעור לגברים: חברותות עם אברכים - כל אחד לומד מה שהוא רוצה בקצב שהוא רוצה. מעביר השיעור: אברכים תלמידי חכמים. קהל יעד: חילוניים ודתיים, מתחזקים ומתחילים (אפשרות לחבורתא בצרפתית). זמן: ימי שני בין
Kehilat Shivtei Israel Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Rafi Sahar.
Kehilat Tif'eret Chen Synagogue - Gan Meitar (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Gabai - Yehuda Granot. Yom Kippur service of Kehilat Tiferet Chen will be held in the Beit Midrash of AMIT school.
Kehilat Yachad Synagogue - Omarim Minyan (Ashkenazi Achid)
Gabai - Rami Tamam.
Kehilat Yedid Nefesh Synagogue (Masorti)
Gabai - Amit Dar / Lior Sulami.
Khilat Mishkan Shalom - Edmond Safra Synagogue (Yemenite)
Gabai - Zion Gaimani.
Kipodan Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Hilel Harmon.
Kipodan Synagogue (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Contact person - Rabbi Avraham Elcharar. שיעורי תורה בבית הכנסת שיעור לגברים: חברותות עם אברכים - כל אחד לומד מה שהוא רוצה בקצב שהוא רוצה. מעביר השיעור: אברכים תלמידי חכמים. קהל יעד: חילוניים ודתיים, מתחזקים ומתחילים (אפשרות לחבורתא בצרפתית
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