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Celebrating One Year Live in Modiin

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Tze'irein Keizer Synagogue - Gan Galil (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Amir Sagi.
Umm el-Umdan
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Site uncovered in salvage excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority during development of the Buchman neighborhood. The findings include graves, a bathhouse, and a synagogue from the second century BCE. Archaeologists Alexander Onn an
‭29/12‬ : Underdos "Harpatka BaChallal" - Comedy Musical in Heichal HaTarbut [Chanukah 2019 in Modiin]
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
5 performances in Modiin on a single day! In this spectacular new musical, Underdos takes us to infinity and beyond, in a fascinating journey full of surprises, colorful characters and Underdos humor. Chip is a talented and slightly arrogan
Uri Tzafon Minyan (Yemenite)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Yaniv Chatzeroni.
UVacharta BaChaim Synagogue (Sephardi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Gabai - Boaz Avrahami.
Veterinary Medicine Course for Youth - Mahmadi Academy
Dimri Towers
Turn your love of animals into professional and practical knowledge in the center for veterinary medicine studies for youth. Last spots are available in the 'Next Generation of Veterinarians' course at the Mahmadi Academy. Come and take par
Viewing Point on Tamar Trail
Park Ayalon-Canada
Hill at the eastern edge of Park Ayalon-Canada with a variety of wildflowers and stunning panoramic views towards the east, north and west. The easiest access is via a track through the almond groves just before Mevo Choron, with thousands
Virtuoz (Yigal Israeli) - Music School, Store & Recording Studio
New! Group lessons + Professional recording studio (details below)! Studio for music studies in Modiin under the management of Yigal Yisraeli, graduate of the prestigious Berkeley Music School. Session guitarist who has worked with Miki Gav
Waffle Bar - Cafe
Euro Shops
For the full menu in English click here! For the special breakfast menu click here! For party platter menu click here! For gluten-free menu click here! A different kind of cafe, with an extensive dairy menu filled with unique flavors and ge
Friday Breakfast for Two for Only 99 ₪!
Yedey Oman Renovations (Yossi Avitan) - Building Contractor & Renovations
Modiin General
Solutions for all your renovation needs - from building work, with high level finishing, to specific handyman jobs. Over 20 years of experience in Modiin. Services include: Renewal of shower units Drywall design and closing wall niches Perg
10% Off All Renovation and Handyman Jobs!
Yehuda Solomon - Bar Mitzvah Preparation & Private Lessons in Kodesh Subjects
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Lessons taught in either English or Hebrew, suitable for all ages. Private lessons in Kodesh subjects and preparation for Bar Mitzvah by private teacher with extensive experience and excellent explanation capabilitie
Yekir Efraim Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Yitschak Filler.
Yeshivat Hesder Meir Harel Modiin
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Established in 2005 and part of the Hesder Yeshiva world devoted to both traditional Torah values, national and community service. The yeshiva runs several community programs, in which they work with olim, prepare for bar-mitzva, run shiuri
‭22/12‬ : Yiamas - Live at O'Sullivans Modiin
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Authentic Greek celebration, crossing borders and eras. This year's hottest band! Especially royal Greek celebration performance produced by Uri Shefi and Udi Ben Knaan. The greatest hits of all time: Rembetiko, Kazangidis, Dalaras, tunes f
Yigal Taxi - 4-20 Seater Taxi Cabs & Minibuses
Modiin General
All types of journey, to any point in Israel, for any occasion: Ben Gurion Airport Special journeys Tours Events Transportation for workers School transportation Option for car seats Established over 40 years ago, offering modern and luxuri
5% Off All Taxi and Minibus Rides!
Yom Kippur Ashkenazi Minyan in Maccabim
Gabai - Amitai Ritter.
Yom Kippur Services for Everybody in Nachal Zohar
Contact person - Alon Chazani.
Yom Kippur Services in Reut (Sephardi)
Gabay - David Betzalel.
Yosef Li (Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Shay Tomarian.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Honest Professional Craftsmanship American Licensed Master Plumber Over 25 Years’ Experience Quality Work Great Customer Service Excellent Diagnostician Clean & Efficient Reasonably Priced Satisfaction Guaranteed Ser
10% Off All Jobs!
Yuval Shoham Hair Design
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Hair design is art. At Yuval Shoham, hair design is a work of art that is exposed stage by stage, just like a painting or sculpture. Each artist has a raw material he works with, and hair is wonderful material, alive and vital, that changes
YYC Running Club
Modiin General
Running club for beginners and advance runners offering a large range of types of training incorporating running, strength and running techniques. Come and enjoy a wonderful training experience and discover that the 'impossible' and 'diffic
Zahala Farm - Horse Farm for Therapeutic Riding, Treks, Team Building & Birthdays
Mevo Choron
Family horse farm in the heart of Emek Ayalon next to Modiin, with breathtaking views over the orchards and fields. The farm offers a wide range of activities, including: Therapeutic riding Horse riding Chugim Horse riding treks for couples
Free Trial Class with Registration for Horse Riding Course!
Zig Zag - Craft Chugim for Children, Youth and Adults
Craft chugim for children, youth and adults in a fun atmosphere with personal attention. Special and original crafts Instruction by professional staff with extensive experience Emphasis on the environment and recycling Chug Schedule: Monday
Zinn Sport - Swimming Lessons & Water Therapies
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
Swimming chugim during the school year, between October and May are taking place at the Municipal Pool and at Holmes Place - call for hours and more details! Wide range of water activities: swimming lessons for all ages, groups for advanced
Zooz BeMachol - Studio & Professional Dance Troupes
Azrieli Mall
Classes from age 3 to adults: pre-school dance, jazz, Israeli dance, ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, point, modern dance, breakdance, zumba... Managed by Galit and Roi Kabiri. The Zooz Dance classes and ensemble groups take place in a variety of
‭24/12 - 29/12‬ : Bechazara LeEretz HaChashmona'im - Chanukah 2019 at Neot Kedumim
Ben Shemen
This Chanukah, join a unique family activity at Neot Kedumim park! You are invited to enjoy the Chag atmosphere - with a journey back in time to the land of the Hasmoneans, and hear the stories of the Maccabees and the miracle of the oil, a
Biga Cafe - Shilat Branch
Now Kosher LeMehadrin! For the full updated menu click here! The Modiin branch of a chain of boutique cafes that include a delicatessen with challot, breads, cakes, pastries and desserts baked on the premises. You are invited to come and en
‭24/12 - 30/12‬ : Chanukah 2019 Activity at the Israel Primate Sanctuary - Rescue and Education Center
Ben Shemen
Fascinating journey into the world of monkeys. Guided tour of the monkey sanctuary - a wonderful opportunity to enter the world of the monkeys, their living areas, learn about the different types of monkeys, learn about their way of life an
‭27/12 - 30/12‬ : Chanukah 2019 at Emek Ayalon Ranch
Mevo Choron
Chanukah activities for all ages - all in a rural atmosphere in nature, overlooking a breathtaking view. So if you are looking for children's attractions for Chanukah, it's time to come to the farm with the whole family! Fascinating talks a
‭23/12 - 30/12‬ : Chanukah 2019 at HaKaveret Beit Choron - Activities for the Whole Family
Beit Choron
Honey-filled experience for the whole family at the visitor's center! You have two tours of your choice: one at the beehive, and one a hiking tour in the footsteps of the Maccabees. Interactive tour - the importance of the bee in the modern
‭24/12 - 30/12‬ : Chanukah 2019 at the Aladdin Olive Farm
Kfar Rut
"Banu Choshech LeGaresh" - Family tours about olives and olive oil. Come and see how olive oil is made in the olive press, how it was used to light the Menorah in the Beith HaMikdash, and what else can be made out of it. Also, based on the
D-Pizza Modiin - Donna Center Branch
Donna Center
Top quality, Kosher LeMehadrin pizzeria. For menu click here! Using high quality ingredients, 100% mozzarella, and offering healthy salads, mini pastries, and of course especially delicious pizza! Catering services and gluten free pizzas al
Pizza Meals Including Delivery From Only Only 65 ₪!
Dani Mor - Hair Salon
Malibu Center
Hair styling for men and women in a pleasant, family atmosphere. Fashion hairstyles and the latest trends in the world of hair design, adapted to the the shape of your face, your hair type and life style. Combining color and shading to get
HaChevra LeHaganat HaTeva Local Tiyulim Website
Modiin General
Visit the new English local website of HaChevra LeHaganat HaTeva (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) for a map with a range of tiyulim and sites in Modiin and the surrounding areas, including historical, archaeological and geog
Heichal HaTarbut Modiin - December 2019 Events
Guide to all the highlights of the next few weeks, including Chanukah shows (see further down) and future events that require early booking. All the events that are marked with * include extended information at the bottom of the screen. Upc
Lavender Dry Cleaners Modiin - Moriah Center Branch
Moriah Center
Professional launderette with a homely feel! Ironing Dry cleaning Laundry Rugs and curtains Sale of supplemental products for home textiles Unique shirt folding and packing service for trips abroad and Shabbat Express and delivery service S
‭07/12‬ : Modiin Hike 2019
Ben Shemen
Sport, nature and attractions happening for the whole family. Length of hike: 5 km on the trails of Ben Shemen forest. Along the route and in the happening area there will be outdoor activities: paintball, pita baking, shows, riddle activit
Modiin's Public Transportation Municipal Hotline
Modiin General
New 24 hour hotline for collecting feedback from residents about the city's public transportation, in order to improve it and make it more efficient. The hotline does not replace the Kavim company's service and information hotline, but rath
‭24/02‬ : Regional Mental Health Professionals Networking Event
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Get Help Israel's regional networking event for mental health professionals in the Modiin region. Program: 10:00-11:00: Breakfast Buffet - Dairy Kosher Mehadrin 11:00-12:00: Speed Networking - Participants will have the opportunity to intro
‭24/12 - 26/12‬ : Saba Moti Wooden Doll Building Workshops - Chanukah 2019
Extracting a smile from wood! This Chanukah, Saba Moti is opening his master workshop and gallery in his home for craft activity and display of the enchanting wooden dolls that he creates with great craftsmanship and love. The dolls are cap
Free exhibition + 10% Off Wood Dolls!
Shabbat Times in Modiin - Kislev 5780 / December 2019
Modiin General
Shabbat Parashat VaYetze, 9 Cheshvan, 6-7/12. Shabbat times (same as last week): Candle lighting: 16:18. Sunset: 16:38. Shabbat comes out: 17:09. Info according to Rabbanut Modiin (The times are specific to Modiin, as set and published by M
Tortilla Bar Modiin - Meat and Mexican Food
Modiin Center
Varied, Kosher meat menu. Menu includes: All types of tortillas Baguettes baked on the premises Entrecote Pargiot Salads Chips and fried foods Wide range of sauces There are a number of tables and seats. Offering take away and delivery serv
Achdut Modiin Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Doron Levi.
Achva VeReut Synagogue (Sephardi)
Gabai - Uri Menasheof.
Acord Studio - The Largest Music School in Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Wide range of musical services including music lessons, choir management, recording and rehearsal space. Come and enjoy the range of services offered by the biggest music school in Modiin: Guitar lessons: classic, electric and bass. Drummin
‭09/12 - 12/12‬ : Activities & Shows at Sachlavim House Modiin Matnas
Sachlavim House
Upcoming events Monday 9/12 - Mesima Chalalit. Active show with participation by the children in the audience, with Irit HaSporta'it. Ages 2-5. 35 ₪ parent + child. Additional child 25 ₪. 17:00 - to purchase tickets click here Thursday 28/1
‭18/12‬ : Adi Ashkenazi - Stand-up Show at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Stand up show with Adi Ashkenazi about men and things that annoy her, and also about the experiences of pregnancy and birth, and everything that happens after.
Adir BaMarom Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Dror Zerem.
Adir Nachum Minyan (Nosach Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Gabay - Michael Cohen.
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