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Dried Fruits, Nuts, Spices and Health Foods Stores

All the stores in Modiin, Maccabim and Reut offering freshly roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruits, spices and a variety of health and natural foods
Shum Pilpel Shemen Zayit - Deli & Cooking and Baking Equipment & Ingredients
نسرين قندح
שלום עליכם, מקום נפלא שמוכר את כל מה שבריא וטעים, במחירים תחרותיים ובאיכות טובה. אני אחד הלקוחות הקבועים שלו السلام عليكم مكان رائع يبيع كل ما هو صحي ولذيذ بأسعار تنافسية وذات نوعية جيدة أنا من زبائنه الدائمين
Shlomi Tavlinim Modiin - Natural Foods Store
Matthew Lipman
Amazing selection, competitive prices, worthwhile deals for members of their club and very clean.
Shum Pilpel Shemen Zayit - Deli & Cooking and Baking Equipment & Ingredients
יונתן בן מאיר
יש משהו כיף בלבקר ב"שום פלפל", וגם כשהילדים באים איתי הם מרגישים את זה... מן חוויה שכזו... זה משהו בחנות שהוא יותר מהמוצרים שנמכרים בה (שהם גם באיכות גבוהה, וגם במחירים תחרותיים)... אולי שילוב של כמה דברים: המוזיקה שתמיד מצוינת (ולא פעם קרה ששאלתי מה אנחנו שומעים), העיצוב (למרות שהוא משתנה כל כמה חודשים) תמיד נותן הרגשה טובה, החבר'ה הצעירים שעובדים שם תמיד סופר חברותיים ונחמדים, וגם החלפות המילים של בעל הבית, יואב, עם הלקוחות והילדים משעשעות ומשרוות אווירה נעימה... המקום המושלם לקניות השבועיות של סוגי אגוזים, קוואקר, תבלינים, מוצרי תיבול וכו' במקביל לקניות ברמי לוי בקומה מעל.
Kliyat Bereshit Modiin - Roasting House
Farrah Dobuler
This is our favorite store for nuts, spices and gifts!! The service is fantastic and everything is fresh!
Moreno - Mishpacha Shel Pitzuchim
Tali Cohen
Great products, and good customer Service. Knowledgeable about which products are gluten free. Definitely try the dried mango - no sugar added.
Shum Pilpel Shemen Zayit - Deli & Cooking and Baking Equipment & Ingredients
Huge range of spices, dried fruit, natural and organic products, deli products and professional equipment for cooking and baking. New in store: meat and deli counter, cheese counter, and smoked fish counter! Your favorite products from the
Special Deals on Fish!
Tavlinei Naama - Modiin Branch
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
New factory store of the spice factory and roasting facility that was founded in the Hatikva neighborhood in the 1960's. In the store you will find a huge range of herbs and spices, roasted nuts and seeds, pulses, dried fruits, natural snac
HaKole Ba'Ir - Maccabim Branch
Merkaz Renanim
Store offering roasted nuts and seeds, spices, legumes, dry fruit and a variety of special products. Modiin branch of the national chain. High quality, fresh, healthy products. The nuts and seeds are freshly roasted daily, using the finest
Kliyat Bereshit Modiin - Roasting House
Moriah Center
'Real' factory store of the chain that was born from a roasting house established over 20 years ago - with some of the products being roasted on the premises, in order to maintain the freshness and quality of the products. Specializing in:
Kliyat Chamama
Highest quality dried fruit, tropical fruit, herbs and spices, pulses, sushi-making products, pickled products, frozen dough, herbal medicine, and grinding on the premises of: nuts, flax seeds, coffee, poppy seed, gondi and more... Warm and
Mashiach Olam HaYayin - Spices, Alcoholic Drinks & Deli Foods
Modiin Center
Shuk Levinsky has come to Modiin! New wineries now in store: Kedem, Bartenura, Psagot and Shilo. New in store - large variety of frozen vegan, vegetarian and meat ready made foods: Vegan: red lentil patties, green lentil patties, zucchini p
1 Kilo Walnuts for 39.90 + Crazy Discounts also on Almonds, Cashews and Brazil Nuts!!
Moreno - Mishpacha Shel Pitzuchim
Keizer Center
Long established nut and seed store, founded in 1966 as a stall in the Machane Yehuda Shuk. The special flavor of Moreno's nuts and seeds start with choosing the freshest and highest quality products, and with a special roasting method deve
Pitzuchei Amedi & Mamtakei Azubel Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Modiin branch of the combined candy store and nut and seed store from Jerusalem. Huge range of nuts and seeds, sweets, snacks, dried fruits, herbs and spices, gift sets, and packages for birthdays and events. Located in the stretch of store
Deals on Milka Chocolate and Mentos!
Shlomi Tavlinim Modiin - Natural Foods Store
Store that opens a door to a new world: a fresh, clean, meticulous, and covered world! Wide range of products, including: Pure spices Dried fruit Products from the Asian kitchen Sweets Baking products Products to upgrade your cooking Sauces
July Deals on Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit and More!
Pitzuchei Yerushalayim - Modiin Shilat Branch
Nuts, seeds & dried fruits store.

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