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10/07-21/07 : Outdoor Survival Camp at Neot Kedumim (Ages 8-12)

Route 443, between Modiin and Route 1

Go back in time to a period where there weren't...

Just as the first person, learn to exist on what nature has to offer.

Daily survival challenges:

  • Methods for lighting fires
  • Picking edible and medicinal herbs
  • Building a shelter from wood and earth
  • Day and night navigation
  • Preparing a mattress from natural materials
  • Creating utensils

And also a visit to a hosting tent, sheep herding and more...

At Neot Kedumim, the children will learn together about nature values, earth, resources and the environment, in a camp filled with experiences, activities and challenges for young survivors.

The camp is instructed and managed by an experienced and skilled staff who will give your children an unforgettable summer experience.

Ages: children going into kita daled - children going into kita vav (8-12).

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Dates: first session: 10-14/7, second session: 17-21/7.

During the camp there will be a special activity day including overnight in the field.

Hours: 08:00-16:00 (arrival from 07:30).


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