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HaKol Shelachem BeMo'etzet Ha'Ir - Headed by Igal Tzadok

Ballot letters: זך.


  1. Igal Tzadok.
  2. Lin Dror.
  3. Sara Politzino.
  4. Gilad Bihari.
  5. Daniel Pasentin.
  6. Yaakov Schwartz.
  7. Inbar Admon.
  8. Martin Rom.
Tzadok holds a seat on the current city council. He has held various senior positions at the Modiin municipality, including head of the Engineering Department and as Municipality General Manager.

Summary of Party Platform:

  • Housing and Building: will work for affordable housing for both seniors and young adults. Building will be planned so that public buildings will be ready and waiting for residents and not vice versa. Aim to promote rental housing at equal prices for all for young couples and the needy. Will work to promote issue of sheltered housing for city's elderly.
  • Parking: must be dealt with from the source of the problem, by the creation of addtional parking spots, and increasing requirements per apartment. More enforcement of parking regulations for public order, convenience and safety.
  • Public Transportation: will improve inter-city transportation, especially for youth. Will work to get moniot sherut transportation inside the city.
  • Access routes: additional public transportation to city, increased frequency of trains, and additional routes to central cities such as Beer Sheva. Upgrade of inter-city roads and entry points to the city.
  • Employment: increased investment in bringing large, quality companies to Modiin for job creation for city residents in all areas from high-tech to production. An additional purpose is to increase arnona revenues from the industrial areas for the benefit of city residents.
  • Parks and playgrounds: will continue development of parks and playgrounds for children, adults and pets, emphasizing accesibility, comfort, attractiveness and safety.

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