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Upgrading the Parks

Press Release from the Spokesman's Department of the Modiin-Macabbim-Reut Municipality (10/9/14).

In the framework of the multi-year work plan to upgrade the parks, repairs were carried out throughout the city recently, including the upgrade and renewal of equipment, renewal of surfaces, and the addition of shading.

This week the upgrade of the park on 'Mivtza Yoav' in the Meginim neighborhood was completed. The Iriya replaced several pieces of play equipment and the safety surfaces were replaced.

New equipment was installed in two parks on Emek Dotan, one close to the Dorot school including 'extreme' equipment and fitness machines, with swings to follow soon. In the second park, next to the Moadon HaNoar, fitness machines suitable for youth were installed, and in the coming days swings will be added for small children.

In addition, new swings were installed in the park next to Kikar Amos, and safety surfaces were replaced in the park on Sderot Yitzchak Rabin.

The Iriya is also currently replacing the pirate ship on Nachal Tzalmon with a new pirate ship, and upgrade work is taking places in the parks on Shikma and Lilach in Reut. New equipment will replace the old equipment in the Reut parks, and safety surfaces will be installed.

In addition, as part of the preparation for the start of the new school year, the iriya has added shading in public buildings and ganim in order to allow the little ones to start their school year in the best way possible.

Additional shading has also been installed in the park on Migdal HaLevanon and shading and upgrade work is currently being carried out in a number of parks throughout the city in order to allow residents to enjoy a variety of upgraded and shaded parks close to their homes.

More updates soon...

The parks category on the ModiinApp is in the process of being built. We hope to launch it, even if not fully completed, in the near future.

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