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01/07 - 19/07 : Kaytanat HaYaar - Summer 2019 (Ages 5-11 & 12-13)

Picnic area in Moshav Shilat (see map)
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Corona Update 9/7: The camp continues to work as planned in accordance with the latest Ministry of Health guidelines.

Three full weeks of experiences in a shady wood in Shilat!

The kaytana combines outdoor skills, camping, culture, art, music and sports.

And this time in Greece!

On Mount Olympus, the excitement is starting, because the Kaytana's participants are going to be climbing up to Mount Olympus daily to meet the gods! Zeus, Tyche, Dionysus and Hermes are already preparing!

Odysseus invites you to join his journey, to meet the one-eyed Cyclops, the sirens that seduce travelers and cause them not to reach their destinations, the land of the strange Laestrygonians and more.

Learn about oratory skills and how Diogenes practiced being the most successful orator. Hear how Alexander the Great succeeded where others (including his teacher) failed. Learn Olympic sports and hold (almost) real Olympic Games. Prepare a bouquet of gold bay leaves for the winners.

Taste delicacies from Greece - gyros, tzatziki, tiropita glykos, salata choriakis and fruit nectar, dry fruit, cook by yourself and make asphodel tea.

Make special sandals, build a Greek temple, work with mosaics of tiny stones, draw on jars and bowls that you make yourself, create jewelry and a coin with your portrait, and more.

Dance with Zorba to Greek tunes, get to know the special Greek bouzouki, prepare swords and compete, learn about Greek theater, make masks and create a play, and of course glide on the zip line and climb on the climbing wall, and spend the last night of the Kaytana in the forest!

Every morning the children will prepare a joint breakfast. Children with special dietary needs (celiac, lactose intolerance, diabetes) will also be taken care of.

Graduates of vav to zayin, who are graduates of the kaytana and who are not yet 14 are invited to participate as assistant madrichim at a reduced price.

Ages: Graduates of gan chova - graduates of kita heh.

The kaytana will take place in Shilat, in the picnic area, with certification from the Education Ministry and all relevant bodies.

As every year, at additional charge, there is an option for transportation based on demand.


Dates: 1-19/7. Not including Fridays.

Hours: 08:15-13:15. Early arrival available by prior arrangement.


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