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Dr Adam Winter D.C - Chiropractor and Functional Neurologist

Moriah Center - Upper Level, Leah Imenu 1, Modiin
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Chiropractic and functional neurology treatments for a variety of problems, including pain, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, for children and adults.

Areas of expertise:

  • Pain management - For anyone suffering from back and neck pain, with or without herniated discs or tingling, offering you a therapeutic alternative. During the diagnosis and consultation you will understand what you are really going through and what can be done to embark on the path of recovery. Chiropractic and NSA offers gentle and non-invasive treatment for various pains, and for all ages. Dr. Winter is part of network in Israel that use mainly NSA as their primary treatment for pain. For more information about NSA click here!
  • Infant development - care for infants with developmental delays or various developmental problems at a young age. Also offering therapeutic sports treatments, sleep counseling and developmental support.
  • ADD/ADHD/dyslexia - Dr. Winter's flagship program "Brain Power" focuses mainly on school children who have difficulty with learning tasks, for all sorts of reasons. The program includes accurate diagnosis of the locus of the problem and building a unique personal treatment plan based on specific brain training protocol.
  • Complex neurological problems - Functional neurology is a groundbreaking field of treatment for various neurological problems:
    • Neuro-behavioral disorders: ADD / ADHD, autism, dyslexia, Asperger's syndrome, PDD, OCD, tics, PTSD, etc.
    • Neuro-muscular disorders: Headaches, stroke rehabilitation, neglect syndrome, chronic pain syndrome (CRPS), balance problems, vertigo, dizziness and many others.

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Dr Adam Winter D.C is an alumni (cum laude) of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, with a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) and Functional Neurology DACNB candidate.


Sun, Tue, Thu: 10:00-19:00.


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