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Modiin Facebook Groups
Modiin General
Modiin has a wide variety of Facebook groups. For your convenience, we have listed below the groups with the largest number of active users, and whose content is not mainly advertising (unless that is their stated purpose). If you know of a
Modiin Facebook Groups for Selling, Buying and Giving Away
Modiin General
Use these active Facebook groups to sell or give away your old/unused toys, housewares, baby items, books, furniture or anything else! For English groups click here: Swap, Shop 'n Save Helping Hand For Hebrew groups click here: למסירה במודי
Modiin Maccabim Reut Education Department
The Modiin Maccabim Reut educational system operates approximately 148 Ganim, 27 elementary schools, 12 high schools and 2 special education schools. For list of Ganim click here For list of elementary schools click here For list of high sc
Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality - Switchboard
Main Iriyah phone number for making contact and being transferred to the relevant department. If there is no answer at the switchboard, or the call is not automatically transferred to the 106 hotline, the hotline can be called directly from
Modiin Municipal Absorption Department
Offering personal guidance to new Olim, and providing varied activities for adults & children: Olim Clubs in different languages (Russian, Spanish, & English) Workshops - courses & training programs (e.g. MATI – for entrepreneurs in Israel,
Modiin Veterinary Services
Municipal department, responsible for the promotion and maintenance of public health in Modiin Maccabim Reut, in the field of preventive veterinary medicine. Public complaints related to veterinary issues can be reported 24/7 to the city ho
Moreshet Israel "Ein Gev" Minyan
Gabai - Hanan Blumstein.
Moreshet Israel Minyan (Ashkenazi Achid)
Gabai - Ofer Ekstein.
Moriah Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Shaul Batish.
Municipal Hotline - Moked 106
Modiin General
The municipal hotline is on call 24 hours a day for requests and questions concerning hazards and emergencies in the city, including: Infrastructure – roads/sidewalks, street lights and traffic lights, drainage Sanitation and pest control G
Municipal Service Center (Merkaz Sherut La'Ezrach)
Services offered: Registration of students for educational institutions Payments and municipal cashier Municipal center for public complaints Center for written appeals by the public Interior Ministry (Misrad HaPnim) services (for detailed
National Poison Control Center
Modiin General
24/7 hotline for questions and professional consultations for emergencies related to poisoning (clinical toxicology). The center is run by trained medical experts. Branch of the Health Ministry.
Night Bus Line 217: Modiin - Jerusalem
Modiin General
For info on the extended schedule during the Summer vacation (Sun-Thu & Sat night) - click here! (Formerly bus no' 117). Bus line that allowes young people in Modiin reach some of the main areas in the capital for going out, such as Cinema
Night Bus Line 222: Modiin - Tel Aviv
Modiin General
For info on the extended schedule during the Summer vacation (Sun-Thu & Sat night) - click here! During the school year the line operates only on Thursdays and Saturdays. Timetable: (According to starting point on Sderot Oranim in Reut on
Nir Levy - Computer Technician and Computer Instruction Services
Modiin General
A decade of professionalism in fixing computer problems and instruction in the customer's home. High level English. Computer services Fixing computer malfunctions Setting up printers and internet connection Connecting and networking home co
Nir Levy - Handyman, Small Moves and Computer Services
Modiin General
A decade of professionalism - under one roof. High level English. Dismantling and assembling cabinets and furniture Hanging pictures, mirrors, televisions, curtains, shelves, glass shelves and more Installing lamps, ceiling fans and heaters
Nofim Neighborhood
Modiin General
Situated in the heart of a green hill, a few minutes away from Modiin Maccabim Reut's main entertainment and shopping venues, the Nofim neigborhood will include around 1,850 apartments, as well as commercial areas, educational and public bu
Odaya Zechor L'Avraham Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Yaakov Yehuda.
Odaya Zechor L'Avraham Synagogue (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Benny Avraham.
Ohalei Menachem Synagogue - Chabad Modiin (Ashkenazi - Ha'Ari)
The synagogue in the new Chabad House, which also includes the offices of Chabad, an events hall and a mikve for men. Gabai - Dr. David Weizman.
Ohel Rachel Synagogue (Sephardi Moroccan)
Gabai'im - Yossi Avivi and Gilly Ben Yishai.
Or HaTorah Synagogue in Masuat Neriyah (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Yaakov Cohen.
Or Modiin Synagogue HaYovel School (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
"The French minyan" with the Chazzan Yossi Touitou. Gabai - Moshe Sadya.
Orot HaKramim Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Shimshi Levi.
Osher Felicia International Law Office - U.S. International Estate Planning & Tax
Modiin General
Did one of your loved one's pass away owning accounts, investments or assets in the US? Are you a U.S. citizen? Do you own any US assets - real estate, investments, bank accounts? Need a U.S. Will? Concerned about not having filed taxes? Ar
Otsar HaChayal Bank Modiin - Branch 315 (City Center)
City Center (Ma'ar)
Banking services & ATM. Combined branch with First International Bank. Moved from Keizer Center on 2/11/20. Located on the corner of Fikus and Arar streets, opposite the Super-Pharm entrance to the mall.
Otsar HaChayal Bank Modiin - Branch 345 (Lev Reut)
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Banking services & ATM. Opening times were checked and updated Nov 6, 2022.
Paid Parking and Parking Permits for Modi'in Residents
Modiin General
For list of parking lots and streets that have paid parking - click here! To apply for a parking permit from the Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality website click here! Starting from Sunday 2/1/22 municipal parking permits are digitally issue
Palace Medical - Azrieli Group Medical Center for Nursing Care and Rehabilitation
For info on the talk "Dementia in the Family" on April 2nd - click here! New! Unique private department for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, providing patients with dedicated care and supervision, including program throughout
Payments (Gviyah) Department - Modiin Macabbim Reut Municipality
Azrieli Mall
Municipal department dealing with all types of incoming payments from residents to the municipality, including Arnona, education, fines and fees. For online payments click here For information on changing ownership of properties click here
Paz Gas Station - Modiin
Ligad / The Technological Park
Open 24/7. The station includes also a 'Yellow' store with the following services: Sale and charging of Easypark devices. Free WIFI. Charging of cell phones. ATM. Bicycle-friendly station.
Paz Gas Station - Modiin Harel (Yishpro)
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Open 24 hours, except on Shabbat and Chag. The station includes also a 'Yellow' store with the following services: Sale and charging of Easypark devices. Free WIFI. Charging of cell phones. ATM. FedEx. Bicycle-friendly station. Adjacent car
Use the following links: In emergency, call: 03-9688088 or *2221. To pay online To order gas
Planning and Engineering Division
Municipality Building
For opening hours in the Licensing and Inspection departments, and the Archive - see 'hours' . Building plans and documents can be photocopied at no charge in the Iriyah building on the second floor. Photocopying of construction plans, cal
Police - Modiin Station
City Center (Ma'ar)
The police station has relocated to its new building in the City Center, on Sderot Dam HaMaccabim 26. The station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Post Office - Solomon Center Branch
Solomon Center
The post office in the Solomon Center building has reopened in the same place that it used to be, on the top floor. To book an appointment in advance (obligatatory!) - click here!
Promoting your Business with ModiinApp
Why choose ModiinApp to promote your business in the Modiin area? There are currently over 15,000 unique weekly users of the ModiinApp app and website, using it to find the local info, businesses and services they need. 25% of ModiinApp use
Psi'ot Program Modiin - Municipal Standards Accreditation for Private Ganim
Unique program in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, aiming to promote quality education in the city beginning from birth, in parallel with the supervision law that came into effect in October 2018. The program, run by Amutat Sachlavim and the psycholog
Public Inquiries and Complaints Department - Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality
Dealing with public inquiries to the mayor's office and the city manager, and recurring inquiries regarding complaints that have not been dealt with, or have not been dealt with satisfactorily. For urgent inquiries and issues - please conti
Rabbanut Office Modiin Macabbim Reut
Religious affairs department of the Modiin Maccabim Reut municipality, responsible for providing religious services for the residents of the city. Areas of responsibility include: supervision of Kashrut, Eruv, Mikvaot, marriage registration
Ranena - Family Partnership Minyan (Combined Ashkenazi & Sephardi)
Gabayit - Tzipi Ross.
Raz Hadbarot - Exterminator
Modiin Resident. License no': 1283 + 1855. Exterminator for all kinds of pests: Ants Cockroaches Fire ants Silverfish Mice and rats Mosquitoes Termites Capturing snakes Spraying before events. Safe materials. Special extermination treatment
Recommending Local Businesses in Modiin
When we need a good, reliable plumber, we ask a local friend or neighbour for a recommendation, or two. And we do the same thing when we want to find the perfect chug for our kid, a place to eat out on our birthday, or need to find a new ac
Recycling Stations and Containers in Modiin
Modiin General
Recycling stations and containers for a wide variety of items are located throughout the city. Items that can be recycled: Bottles Paper Plastic Glass Textile Geniza Batteries and electronic waste Cardboard boxes On this interactive map, yo
Sachlavim High Tech Center - Computer & Digital Courses and Chugim
New center offering a variety of computer and technology classes for children, and professional courses for youth, young adults and adults. Participants can learn to program, work with graphic software, develop websites, get to know emergin
Sandra Soriano - Mortgage Consultant and Family Financial Adviser
Modiin General
More than 20 years of experience in the financial world, and more than 9 years of experience as owner of office specializing in mortgages and financing in Modiin. Service includes: Planning and identifying the elements of the deal Customize
Second-Hand Items Collection Bins - Car Park Shilat
Two collection containers for old clothes, shoes, bags and toys, located in the parking lot between "Be Shufersel" and "Rami Levy" in the Shilat industrial area. See the map for the location of the larger of the two containers. The second c
Sha'arei Yerushalayim Minyan (Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Gabai - Oded Vaknin.
Sha'arei Yonah Menachem Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Administrator & contact for hall reservation for private events - Rivka Biron: 054-8487860. Gabai - Eli Sprong 054-6665209.
Shalhevet HaMaccabim Synagogue (Masorti)
Gabai - Keren Goldberg.
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