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Education with a Smile - Parenting Counselor in the Spirit of Yahadut

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  • How clearly do you know how and what to do in order for your children to grow up to be mature adults?
  • How would you like to 'equip' your children to live well in life's changing realities?
  • What is the rationale at the foundation of the 'mitsvot ase ve'al ta'ase' in the parental role?
  • How much do you influence the development of self confidence in your child? and their self-value?
  • How do you understand disturbing behavior? How should you react to it?

It is possible to improve our parenting in an ongoing process of acquiring information, sharing and getting support.

In a group setting or in a private consultation you can get the tools to cope and come out strengthened in your parental authority.

With Margalit Ben Shushan - group facilitator and Machon Adler graduate, with a double degree in Education, and certified for couples instruction for married life by Israel's Chief Rabbinate.



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