Judo TOP - Judo Chugim with Rani Hadar
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Unique program developed over many years focusing on teaching judo, with an emphasis on improving motor skills, building self-confidence and self-awareness, and instilling values ​​of respect for others, self-restraint and tolerance. The ac
Kal BaKrav Modiin - Chugim for Children, Combat Fitness, Functional Training
Modiin's number 1 physical fitness chugim for children and youth, divided according to age: grades 4-6, 7-8, 9-10 and combat fitness and preparation for army duty. The club has its own unique training area. If you are looking for a one of a
KeYad HaDimyon
Fun activity for all ages, at any hour, any day: The studio is open daily from 10:00-20:00, Wednesday until 23:00, Friday: 09:00-14:00, Motzei Shabbat 19:00-23:00. Reservations required. For info on the summer camp for ages 8+ - click here!
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
Modiin General
Come and develop your fitness and fighting skills! Krav Maga and self defense training at a high level for children from age 5, youth and adults. Option for private or group sessions. The Krav Maga method taught in the X Arts sports clubs i
Ktamim Shel Osher - Drawing & Painting Studio
Dimri Towers
Painting lessons for teenagers and adults in a relaxed atmosphere, with small groups of up to six participants, and an inviting space. Students are introduced to a wide range of materials and techniques, and a variety of illustration and co
LaGa'at BaMayim - Teaching & Therapeutic Swimming Pool
Mevo Choron
A variety of water activities and treatments throughout the year! To sign-up for spring 2022 chugim - click here! Specializing in hydrotherapy, baby swimming, spa treatments in water, water aerobics, and swimming lessons for children and ad
Liat Kassirer - Chi Gong and Tai Chi Classes in Modiin
Modiin General
Group and individual movement lessons to foster and improve physical and mental health, through exercise based on the principals of Chinese medicine. The classes are suitable for both men and women, with no age limit. Intended for anyone in
Maccabi Reut Water Park - Swimming Chugim & Competitive Teams
The summer season is starting - come join a family of swimming champions! Swimming lessons from first grade and up, yearly swimming chugim for children and youth, competitive teams and adult lessons. Agudat Maccabi Park HaMayim Reut is one
Matnas Community Center - Amutat Sachlavim
For the full list of chugim for children, youth and adults, and for all the information you need, click on the relevant link below. Arts Drama Enrichment chugim for kids Dance & Ballet Music Sport Martial Arts Sport leagues Youth Special ne
Michal's Studio - Modiin Art Studio
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Drawing and painting chugim for Kitot Gimel to Yud-Alef, classes, workshops and summer art camps. Children's Chug: Pencil drawing Charcoal and pastel drawing Painting with a variety of paints and different color techniques Painting with wat
Michy Zumba Fitness - Chugim and Activity for Parties
Azrieli Mall
Chugim for girls, teens and mothers. Zumba activity for birthday and Bar/Bat-Mitzva parties. Chugim starting Mon 1/10/18! Registration now open - 6th year running! NEW! Open zumba class for teens and moms - every Wed at 20:30. Chugim for ki
Modiin Capoeira School - Amos Doyev
Modiin General
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acting, rhythm, acrobatics, strength, stamina, flexibility, culture and history. The Modiin Capoeira School invites you to join one of the learning centers in the city. Ne
Modiin Drawing & Art Studio - Chugim for Children, Teens & Adults with the Artist Leo Sciretta
Studio and painting workshops, free art and creative expression. Subjects: techniques, fundamentals, use of varied and different creative materials, encouraging lessons in small and inclusive groups with individual attention for everyone. T
Modiin's School of Basketball - Managed by Eyal Mizrachi & Nimrod Cohen
Modiin General
Basketball chugim, teams and training for players from gan chova to yud alef, as well as women's and men's league teams. Great reputation and 21 years of experience in Modi'in! Learning, training and improving personal basic basketball skil
MVP Basketball Academy
Modiin General
The biggest and most professional basketball school in the city. Established in 2004, and currently teaching over 800 players. All the Chugim are taught by experienced trainers at the highest professional level, with an emphasis on personal
My Favorite Cookie - Baking Chugim
For info on the summer camp for ages 6-14 - click here! Have fun learning to bake with your friends! Making a mix of sweet and savory delicious baked treats. Chug takes place in English. Learn baking skills for life: How to measure ingredi
Ndance - Dance Studio
Modiin General
Dancing for the soul... Classes for boys and girls from age 3 up to adults. Studio for modern dance, jazz, hip-hop, movement and creative dance, classical dance, and zumba. The studio's troupe functions as the Matnas's official show troupe.
New You Fitness Complex - Modiin Center Branch
Helping your children become the best version of themselves through sports, nutrition and coaching! In recent years, children and teens have become much less active. They spend long hours in front of screens, get lazy, don't communicate, an
Nirit Dance Studio - Dance & Ballet Chugim
Dance studio operating in Modiin for almost 20 years, believing in personal attention for each student alongside a high professional level. The studio has two hip hop show troupes - youth and adults, and a professional modern dance troupe U
Olam HaMusika - Music Lessons & Vocal Training Center Run by Ronit Dar
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Lessons in piano, organ, drums, classic, electric and bass guitar, saxophone, vocal training and ensemble/group playing. Private lessons. Rehearsals on location - no extra charge. Musical instrument rentals. Team of 24 instructors, all grad
Olivo Farm - Horse Riding Chugim and Birthday Party Venue
Ben Shemen
For info on the summer camp for ages 6-12 - click here! Riding lessons and therapeutic riding lessons for all ages (including preschoolers with miniature horses), on a pleasant and welcoming family farm surrounded by olive trees in Moshav
Omanut HaBallet Dina Hinkis - Ballet for Women & Teens
Modiin General
Classical ballet classes for women and teens, coaching and private classes, run by Dina Hinkis, in collaboration with the Modiin Matnas. Wide range of options for learning ballet: Women of all ages: Have you ever been told that you are not
Otzma Modiin - Basketball Club & Chugim
Modiin General
The leading and most professional basketball club in town, representing Modiin since 1997. The club has 24 league teams, playing in the Basketball Association's league. In the youth department - from mini basketball (kita heh) to youth (yud
Painting Chug for Children & Youth - Rita Sadovsky
Drawing and painting Chug for children and youth. To watch the exhibition of the chug's works for 2021 - click here Teaching a variety of drawing techniques, composition, perspective and color theory, by painting still lives, landscapes and
Pas De Sha Ballet Studio - Royal Academy of Dance in Israel
Master class with Niv Arbel, professional ballet dancer and graduate of the Thelma Yelling high school on Wednesday and Thursday 13-14/4/22. Niv is a former dancer in the Israeli Ballet and is about to move to Germany to dance there. Niv wi
‭03/07 - 19/08‬ : Pesek Zman Swimming Camp - Summer 2022 (Ages 5-12)
Don't mess with success! Modiin's only camp where you'll learn to swim! The camp is divided into two sessions that take place in July and August for a long day program (from 7:30-15:00) and in July there's also an afternoon program (from 13
Pooli - Swimming & Water Therapy Center
Therapeutic pool suitable for infants, children and adults. Operating in Lapid for 10 years now. The pool has modern and varied equipment for sports, activities for babies and water games for the various chugim. The range of chugim and wate
Ranit Elkrief - Tzeva HaChaim Arts Center
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Painting and art chugim for kids, youth and adults by a Bezalel graduate, with extensive experience in professional painting and art instruction. Fostering creativity, emotional expression and fun experiences in the world of color. Whether
Ready for Anything - Boxing & Krav Maga Therapy and Chugim
Therapy and Coaching for your kids and teens without the stigma, and plus the exercise. Also offering boxing and Krav Maga classes. Utilizing boxing and fitness as a meeting place to face life challenges in a supportive and fun environment.
Rina Itzuvim - Fimo Craft Chugim, Gifts and Jewelry
For info on the summer camp for ages 6-12 - click here! Polymer clay (fimo) chugim and workshops, birthday party fimo craft activities, and sale of fimo jewelry and crafts. Chugim and Workshops Working with fimo helps develop fine motor sk
Sharon Ki-Sharon - Ballet School for Small Children
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
Empowerment through ballet. Princesses from age three and a half are invited to dance with love, with a unique ballet method that combines modern and classical ballet, and creates a magical and exciting dance experience, as special as it ge
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Now is the best time ever to come and join fun workout classes that motivate you to work hard and see results! Fitness classes, personal training and fitness chugim for teenage girls with a Wingate Certified trainer and native English speak
Sport TEAM - Therapeutic Sports with Rani Hadar
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Unique therapeutic sports program, for personal and social empowerment. Contributes to muscle strength, upper body strength, improves attention and concentration and develops values ​​of respect for others, self-restraint and tolerance. The
Studio Al HaBama - Acting & Theater Chugim
Azrieli Mall
Acting and theater are skills for life, there is an actor hiding in each one of us… Let us help you discover the actor inside you! Groups divided according to age and experience. Professional teachers with extensive experience, knowledge an
Studio Mark - Art Chugim
For info on the Summer camp for ages 5-12 - click here! Integrated art and crafts chugim for children, art kaytanot on Pesach and in the summer vacation, and art workshops for adults, by Yitzchak Mark, multi-disciplinary artist. The chugim
Flamencolor - Ora Shoval's Flamenco Studio
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 activity year! Stamp your feet, play the castanets, and dance to the beautiful and varied flamenco rhythms! Come and learn the various rhythms of flamenco dancing with props (castanets, swords, fan
Let's Talk Program - Improve your Spoken Hebrew
Modiin General
Would you like to improve your spoken Hebrew? ESRA MODIIN’S “LET'S TALK” program: Easy conversation exchange on a one-to-one basis. We match you with Israelis wishing to improve their spoken English. Weekly meetings at your own convenience.
Private Maths Lessons - Moti Goldberg
Modiin General
Lots of experience and a successful record! Especially with children with ADD/ADHD and hyper-activity issues. Classes in the student's home. First class at no charge. Preference for students in kitot vav-tet, the most important classes - tr
Sanga Yoga
City Center (Ma'ar)
Feel tired and weak? When did you last make time for yourself? Come and experience a moment of quiet, that integrates physical work, breathing and relaxation. Come and practice yoga at Sanga Yoga Modiin! Yoga practice helps achieve a health
Tamar Pearlman - Specialist Speech & Language Therapist
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Qualified speech and language therapist with 20 years experience, specialising in bilingualism, language delay and disorder, and speech sound difficulties. Private speech and language therapy: Individual therapy from age 1. Group therapy fr
The Mentor Tutors - Tutoring for English Speakers
Making learning fun! Tutoring English speaking students in K-12 and beyond, in all secular subjects. Specializing in educating children who aren't realizing their potential in the classroom. Whether the student has learning disabilities or
Yehuda Solomon - Bar Mitzvah Preparation & Private Lessons in Kodesh Subjects
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Lessons taught in either English or Hebrew, suitable for all ages. Private lessons in Kodesh subjects and preparation for Bar Mitzvah by private teacher with extensive experience and excellent explanation capabilitie
Yoav Shor - Tai Chi Gong Instructor: Movement for a Healthy Life
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Group Chi Gong classes, in person or via Zoom. Chi Gong is the Chinese name for the art of movement for self healing and strengthening the body and the soul, originating in the Far East from Ancient China. The benefits of Chi Gong include r
Nadine Stark - Business English Trainer
Classes and courses for any professional who has ever said "I need English for my work". The aim of the courses is to prepare professionals for negotiations, management meetings, international conferences, interviews and business meetings.
Modiin General
Gymnastics and acrobatics chugim.
Studio D
Azrieli Mall
School for music lessons.
Ulpan La-Inyan Hebrew Course
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Hebrew ulpan.
Zahala Farm
Mevo Choron
Horse farm for riding, treks and more.
Aikidojo - Aikido & Martial Arts
Ligad / The Technological Park
Center for aikido and martial arts.
Burlington English
Azrieli Mall
English language school.
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