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Merav HaYoga - Yoga Classes

Hermon 6, Reut
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Come and learn about the wonders of yoga, together with meditation and mindfulness exercises, in a yoga learning studio for students of all levels.

Classes are suitable for a variety of participants: women, men, pregnant and postpartum women, and participants aged 60 and over - for anyone who wants to experience a meaningful, exciting and empowering personal journey that meets their exact needs.

Registration is now open! Offering one free trial class. Opening a new beginner's class - great opportunity to start right from the beginning in a new group!

For more information call: 055-9704946

Yoga classes are proven to develop important physical and mental skills for day-to-day functioning such as flexibility, strengthening the muscles, core and pelvic floor, improving posture, stimulating blood flow, purifying the nervous system, improving concentration, as well as helping influence focus, thoughts and emotions.

Yoga practice helps to re-charge us with new and fresh energy, and you will soon feel that yoga becomes a language for you, and of course a way of life.

The yoga classes combine meditation and mindfulness practices - a unique combination that helps improve mental skills through techniques for developing awareness and improving our ability to function in our daily lives.

For more information and to register, call: 055-9704946

Meditation and mindfulness course

Unique multidisciplinary course that will teach you how to create connections and find inner peace in a world of busyness, worrying thoughts and stress. The course includes 8 sessions. For more information about the course - click here!

Instruction by Merav Tzaig Ashkenazi - certified senior yoga teacher, meditation instructor and NLP master, certified Pilates teacher and multidisciplinary holistic therapist for 25 years.


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