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Escape To Go - Mobile Escape Room for Events

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Mobile escape room - your way to a perfect event!

"Hello humans!

You've come to the page of the company that creates the coolest birthday parties for kids, and today we've taken control of it.

From the moment you entered the website you've been in our sights, and we'll come to you too!

At every birthday party or event and in every place, look carefully, because we'll be there!

Who are we?

We are zombies sent from another planet to take over planet earth, and first of all, the children of planet earth.

After we put all the children in our cells we'll take care of the adults...

We are zombies with mobile detention rooms and we can come to any place and lock the children up inside.

You are used to calling these mobile escape rooms for events, but you won't be able to escape from ours, these are sophisticated rooms from another world.

Your parents, or any other adults, can't help you.

After we come to you, we will lock you up in the rooms and go about finishing our mission to take over planet earth.

There is no point in trying to escape, or ignore us, if you have come to this site we will pursue you in every place until we catch and capture all the children.

Why the children you ask?

You may not know, but zombies eat humans, and we have discovered that children are the tastiest!

We bring the children to our zombie leader, who will make them into a tasty meal.

We will put you in our escape rooms in small groups of 5-20 children, no more.

You will need to look after each other and work together to save yourselves!

The secret codes to escape the rooms are known only to us the zombies, and nobody else!

And to find the codes to save yourselves, and the rest of humanity, you will have to pass through sticky zombie gel, read the secret zombie code and solve all the other challenges.

You won't be able to do it on your own, only as a team, you will need to think out of the box, in a different way than you are used to.

You will need to make and effort and think deeply together, because our rooms were built in another world and they are different from everything that humans know.

Unfortunately for us, Dr. Oz is coming to help you, but it's only a matter of time until we get to him too.

Our rooms are smart and programmed for one hour only, 60 minutes, that's all the time you have in order to save yourselves and stop us.

Do you think you kids are smart and determined enough to save to world?

We invite you to try...

But remember: the fate of planet earth is in your hands!

If you don't succeed to escape from our room the earth will be destroyed and we will eat all the humans!"

Mobile escape room - your way to a perfect event!

Dear parents, please note!

If you are worried that your children won't be able to escape the rooms and save you and the other parents on planet earth, just invite some magician or clown who'll blow up some balloons for their birthday and don't bother with 'Escape To Go'...

In order to escape the room your children will need to think and work together to find solutions. It will be an unforgettable experience.

If you trust them to fulfill their mission just say where you are celebrating and the mobile escape room will be there!

There are also additional escape rooms such as 'Escaping the Star' and 'Submarine from the Deep Sea' and more...

For a YouTube clip with activities suitable for birthdays, school and kaytana activity days - click here!

Call now for more information!


By appointment. Not on Shabbat.



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