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EMS Private - Fitness Revolution in Your Own Home

Mobile service, coming to your home.
Last Updated: 9 days ago

Corona 11/11 update: it is recommended to call and find out about returning to activity in light of the new regulations that allow sports training.

50% Off First EMS Training!
Deal Ends 31/12

Special introductory deal!

Trial EMS training in your home for only 49 ₪ (instead of 99 ₪)!

Call for more information: 055-9706037

Terms and Conditions Problem?

Unique, effective and efficient fitness training, in just 20 minutes a week, with a personal trainer in your own home - in your living room, balcony or garden!

EMS is an intensive training method, equivalent to 4 hours of training in a gym. Great for burning fat - it contributes to accelerating the body's metabolism, strengthens and tones muscles, cellulite problems and slimming.

This special training method uses a training device and suit that transmits a low-frequency pulse to the muscular system.

This workout is healthier and also prevents chances of training injuries, as it does not put strain on the ligaments and joints, and works on the muscular system.

The method was adopted by NASA for astronauts spending time in space, who due to the lack of gravity required external intervention to activate their muscles and body to prevent degeneration.

The EMS method has been applied with great success for years in physiotherapy institutes, for the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and back problems.

The training is carried out in your home, according to the schedule that suits you, and includes:

  • Training by coach with an international training certificate in EMS
  • Full guidance throughout the training
  • Use of the most advanced equipment in the world with international Israeli and European standards
  • And also, music brought to you by the gym!

Call for more information: 055-9706037


Sun-Thu: 08:00-20:00.



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