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IGNITE Fitness Academy - Online Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

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Personal coaching for sustainable body and lifestyle transformations.

Helping busy women and mothers build sustainable habits through customized plans and personalized coaching for long term success. Offering a program that is suited to your individual needs and fitness level, and helps you overcome your personal obstacles to success.

What you get:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Personalized nutrition plans
  • Customized workouts
  • Mindset coaching
  • Full course materials
  • Daily accountability
  • Motivating and inspiring community & support

Reach your goals, regain confidence, build healthy muscle, learn how to eat properly, and build lifelong habits!

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Also offering the online 4-WEEK-FIT program, with a choice of 40 effective at home workouts, meal plans, nutritional guidance and daily accountability.

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Managed by Tova Eastman, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist since 2013. Multiple years of experience working with women and girls of all ages, ACE certified.



Shalvi Katz
I still remember what tova said to me at our first meeting- “I can teach you and show you what you need to do but you have to trust me. The work and change have to come from you...” I was sure I was going to fail but took a leap of faith. I did everything tova said, even when it felt like it was going against what I thought was right, but I knew it hadn’t really been working for me, so I listened and changed the way I had been training, trusted and began eating in an organized and healthy way. And low and behold when you do what she says......RESULTS!!!!! Far beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself. Tova pushes me to my limits and helps me prove to myself over and over again that I CAN do it. The experience with tova for me is not only about strength of body but also strength of mind over body. She’s always there with the right advice, whispering support and suggesting changes.... I’ve learned to trust her and now there’s no looking back for me
Maxine Levy
Tova has quite literally changed my life. From feeling exhausted and low on energy ALL the time, which I just attributed to a really busy lifestyle, I am now able to get through a full work day and still come home and enjoy being with my kids and actually get things done! This is obviously aside from all the physical improvements I have seen in my body, my weight and my nutritional habits. Tova is this little ball of crazy and infectious energy and fun (and I am by nature neither of these things!), no matter how challenging her life must be with two little kids of her own, she is always so attentive to her clients, treats them as if they are the most important person to her and only has words of encouragement and strength to help guide you to achieving your goals (and is holding your hand the entire way in getting there). What makes Tova different to other personal trainers? She cares about YOU, your health, your emotional state, your goals, and is always checking where you are at. Her classes are fun, energetic... And I find myself (to my own astonishment) actually looking so forward to them the entire day of the class! Tova is addictive, both classes and personal training, once you start you are hooked!
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