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Education & Hobbies in Modiin

All the options in the Modiin area for chugim and education for adults, youth and children. Including schools, libraries, sports, arts, science and music.
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Darchei Yehuda - Elementary School (Mamlachti Dati)
Principal: Dikla Abu Aharonowitz. Founded: 2010. הבטחה חינוכית: פועלים למען הצמחת תלמידים הלוקחים אחריות על תהליכי הלמידה והתפתחות אישית. שואפים שהבוגרים ישתלבו בכל תחומי העשייה בחיים, תוך שמירה על אורח חיים דתי-ציוני ומתוך ידיעה פנימית שהם
Democratic Nadav Elementary School
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Principal: Meirav Nirhud. Founded: 1999. הבטחה חינוכית: מקיימים קהילה שוויונית, המאמינה בבחירה ולקיחת אחריות, הדוגלת בחירות ובכבוד האדם, ביכולתו ובזכותו הטבעית של כל אדם לנהל את חייו. ביה"ס מאמין כי אדם המודע לעצמו, אדם שאינו מפחד להתנסות ו
Dolphinim BaMayim - Swimming School
For more info on the swimming camp on first week of August for ages 6-14 - click here! Registration for swimming Chugim for spring and summer 2024 is now open! Including swimming lessons for adults and children with special needs. Summer 2
‭04/08 - 08/08‬ : Dolphinim BaMayim Swimming Summer Camp 2024 (Ages 6-14)
Empowering, fun and unique experience! At the Dolphinim BaMayim Summer camp, children will improve their swimming style, learn to jump and play in the water, all with encouragement and nurturing for each and every one, so that they discover
Dorot Elementary School (Mamlachti)
Principal: Shulamit Ganon. Founded: 1996. הבטחה חינוכית: אנו מחנכים את תלמידינו להיות בני אדם ערכיים, אכפתיים ומצליחים. אנו מפתחים בתלמידינו את תחושת השייכות , המסוגלות והשותפות על ידי העצמה ומתן ביטוי אישי , מתוך אמונה כי תלמיד.ה המודעים ל
Dr. Lego - Chugim, Activities for Schools & Birthdays
Modiin General
Lego engineering and robotics chugim, and birthday parties! And also for the summer: activities for kaytanot (see info below). Are your kids crazy about Lego? Dr. Lego offers fun enrichment chugim, cool Lego birthday parties, interactive la
DreamSmith - Custom Handmade Jewelry
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
For info on the metalsmithing summer workshop for ages 12+ - click here! Studio for metalsmithing and jewelry design, managed by Sharon Or (fluent English speaker). A small business that makes your biggest dreams come true! Specializing in
Ella Toferet Modiin - Seamstress, Chugim and Workshops
Merkaz Renanim
Large variety of seamstress services including repairs and personally customized sewing projects, as well as sewing workshops and Chugim for beginners and advanced sewers. 15 years of experience in the field. All sewing services: Clothing r
Eretz HaTzabar - Elementary School (Mamlachti)
Principal: Meirav Zeidman. Founded: 2023. הבטחה חינוכית: בית הספר יפעל תוך אחריות ויצירתיות, בשאיפה למצויינות, כל תלמיד באשר ליכולותיו וייחודיותו, תוך איזון בין חופש למסגרת. בית הספר יעניק לתלמידים את הכלים והמיומנויות לצמוח ולגדול להיות אנ
Eretz HaTzvi - Elementary School (Mamlachti Dati)
Principal: Shani Treiger. Founded: 2023. הבטחה חינוכית: ברמת הפרט – "חינוך לנער על פי דרכו". בית הספר ישאף למפות את צרכי התלמידים מבחינה לימודית–חברתית-רגשית ולקדם כל אחד לעבר המצויינות האישית שלו. ברמת הכלל – "תלמוד המביא לידי מעשה". לימוד
Eretz Moledet - Elementary School (Mamlachti)
Principal: Shavit Zaken. Founded: 2022. הבטחה חינוכית: יה"ס יהווה בית חם ומכיל לכל תלמיד ותלמידה בו ירגישו שייכות וימצאו בו הזדמנויות להתפתחות ולמידה בכל תחומי החיים, מתוך אמונה שבכל אחד ואחת טמונים הכישורים והיכולות להתפתח בסביבות למידה מג
Even Sade & HaChava shel Saba Aharon - Horse Riding and Training
For info on the Summer camp for ages 9+ - click here! Positive and safe encounters between horses and humans! Competitive horse riding Therapeutic riding lessons Birthday parties Photography on horseback At Maor Even Sade riding stables yo
Fashion Design Course with Bubale
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
For info on fashion design summer kaytana for ages 8-12 - click here! Fashion design course for girls and boys aged 8-13, filled with activity, creating and dreaming. The course consists of approximately 30 sessions, with a presentation fo
‭21/07 - 01/08‬ : Fashion Design Kaytana Summer 2024 at Bubale (Ages 8-12)
Weekly Basis
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Fashion design kaytana, this year in two one-week sessions. If your kids are imaginative, creative and interested in learning about the world of fashion - this is the place for them! Learn to draw fashion using different techniques Design c
FC Hevel Modiin
Modiin General
A club that gives an opportunity and a platform for everyone. The Hevel Modi'in football club was established in 2011 to allow all the children in the area to participate in competitive league games - something that is usually not possible,
Fight Club Modiin - Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Rumble Kickboxing
Academy of martial arts managed and coached by Ilya Grad, professional boxer who returned to Israel after 11 years abroad with numerous world titles, together with a team of international-level coaches. Large and spacious club with the newe
Free Week of Martial Arts Training!
‭18/08 - 29/08‬ : Financial Education & Capital Market Trading Course at the Zone - Summer 2024 (Ages 15-18)
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Unique 10 meeting program for high school students and older, focusing on, among other things, savings and smart investments, trading in capital markets and stocks, proper financial management, the labor market, real estate and more! Have y
5% Off Youth Finance & Capital Market Course!
First Grade Preparedness Classes
Helping children cope with the changes in the transition from Gan to school, from both emotional and motor aspects, providing a range of tools for coping with their new framework. Emotional reinforcement Strengthening of social skills Impro
‭05/07 - 30/08‬ : Friday Kids' & Adults' Surfing Training Sessions with Sunnysurf - Summer 2024
Every Friday during the summer vacation - adult (18+) and youth surfing training sessions in the Palmachim national park, known for its natural beauty! Starting on Friday 5/7/24! Parents - if you have dreamed of learning to surf but also ne
Gad Admonit - Pre-Chova (Mamlachti)
Municipal single-age pre-school, alternating between trom-trom and trom chova.
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