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Local Modiin Attractions

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  1. 8-14/12: Chanukah at HaSadna [Chanukah 2015 in Modiin]

    On Chanukah everyone's coming to create and have fun at HaSadna! So what's waiting for you? > Parent and child...
    1 Dimri Towers
  2. 8-14/12: Chanukah at Keyad HaDimyon [Chanukah 2015 in Modiin]

    Have you signed up for a Chanukah activity already? Sign up now for a paint activity table in the studio or for one of the...
    1 Prachim
  3. 8-14/12: Chanukah at the Aladdin Olive Farm [Chanukah 2015 in Modiin]

    Family tours where the children will gather olives that have fallen from the trees, with a demonstration in the olive press...
    6 Kfar Rut
  4. Jumpolina

    Trampoline park with 8 trampolines. Trampoline Fitness - fun activity for the improvement of concentration and spacial...
    25 Shimshoni
  5. Ruth Vineyard

    Kosher boutique winery specializing in quality red wines. We would love to host you every Friday, for a special experience...
    כשר 16 Kfar Rut
  6. Shvil Izim

    Family goat farm, a dairy, producing goat cheese by a natural process, as well as a dairy restaurant based on the dairy's...
    4 Tal Shachar
  7. YuKids - Gymboree

    ** New from Japan! Activities with special toys. Activities for mothers and children. Birthday parties. Light...
    26 Yishpro
  8. Zahala Farm

    A special riding experience… Small farm in nature, with a family atmosphere. Offering therapeutic riding, nature rides in t...
    10 1 Deal! Mevo Choron
  9. HaSadna - Simply Create

    The workshop is open and you are welcome for a creative and fun time! Variety of kits and craft sets available at various...
    12 Dimri Towers
  10. Aladdin - Agricultural Farm

    > For details about activities during the Chanukah vacation, see "Related" at the bottom of the screen. === Activities for...
    28 Kfar Rut
  11. Boating at Anava Park

    Activities open to all park visitors, and guaranteeing fun for the whole family, with the safety of the participants...
    44 Anava Park
  12. Chai Goat Farm

    Farm and visitors center. Goat herding, milking, cheese making, olive pressing, spinning and weaving, wheat grinding, large...
    48 Mevo Modiim
  13. Chava VeAdam - Ecological Farm

    The farm focuses on environmental and social education, and is located near Modiin. The farm functions as a platform...
    17 Ligad
  14. Emek Ayalon Ranch - Attraction, Chugim & Treks, Events & Kennel

    Tourist ranch located in the heart of the Ayalon Valley, surrounded by greenery and with stunning views. Varied and well...
    7 Mevo Choron
  15. Ir HaYeladim - Gymboree

    1,000 square meters of fun and activities for kids! Special attractions 4 birthday celebration rooms Giant...
    3 Yishpro
  16. KeYad HaDimyon

    December at the KeYad DaDimyon! 'VaYehi Or' - December women's evening filled with light, meet on Mon 30/11 or Thu 3/12 at...
    29 Prachim
  17. Kfar Chashmonai - Reconstruction of Daily Life in Ancient Times

    Educational tourism site, presenting daily life in the land of Israel in ancient times through family activities on a guided...
    1 Shilat
  18. Mesilat Zion Swimming Pool, Cafe & Attractions

    Tons of attractions for a perfect family outing! 'Mesilat Zion pool - one of the top ten pools in the country' (Article...
    11 Mesilat Zion
  19. Mysterion - The Game

    New and original attraction! Live, challenging and dynamic game, playing out at breakneck speed. During one hour, you will...
    25 Ligad
  20. Neot Kedumim

    The biblical landscape reserve. This unique recreation of the physical setting of the Bible in all its depth and detail...
    21 Ben Shemen
  21. Al Chavalim - Nature & Challenge Activities

    Specializing in unique nature and challenge activities for fun and team building days, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and birthdays, as...
    4 Buchman
  22. Anava (Anabe) Park

    Modiin-Maccabim-Reut’s municipal nature park with parking for residents, an amphitheatre for performances with 1000 seats, c...
    19 Anava Park
  23. Bul Kliyah - Video Game Arcade

    Video and arcade games. 
    Donna Center
  24. Modiin Extreme Park

    Israel's biggest skate-bike park. Spread over 2,600 Square meters, the park includes the most advanced professional...
    16 Buchman