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Sport in Modiin

Everything you need for sports in the Modiin area, including exercise groups, one-on-one training, chugim, equipment and sports facilities.
GymKids - Exercise & Sport Chugim
Modiin General
Have fun exercising! Challenging exercise and sport chugim for children aged 2-12. Exercise chugim for ganim, therapeutic sports lessons and birthday party activities. Exercise for children (ages 3.5-12 divided by age group) Learning and pr
Hadar's - Equipment Pilates Studio
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
More professional, more personal, more yours. Individual or small group training for all ages - with a mutual commitment to training and results. In Pilates, the quality of movement is of supreme value, and not the amount of repetitions of
Happy Hour - Boutique Equipment Pilates Studio
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Well-designed pilates studio with professional and innovative equipment. Suitable for up to four male/female participants. Managed by Lital Paldi - certified equipment and mat pilates instructor with special training for working with pregna
HaShvatim Sports Hall
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
The complex includes a basketball court & three air-conditioned studios. In the mornings the hall serves the Nitzanim school and the Yeshiva Tichona. In the afternoons, it serves the community, with the following sporting activities: Basket
HaStudio LeShachmat - Chess Studio
Modiin General
For info on the summer camp in July-August for ages 5-8 - click here! Chess classes during school hours and afternoon chugim, as well as Kaytanot and birthday parties. Focusing on fostering independent thinking, imagination, and creativity
HaStudio Shel Sigalit - Exercise & Zumba Classes for Women
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Long established studio operating in Modiin since 1999, offering a variety of exercise classes for women. Classes include: Body shaping Pilates Zumba Feldenkrais Dynamic Fitball Tabata Special studio, which is a home for movement, character
Healthy By Sabrina
Modiin General
Certified personal trainer, prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, integrative nutrition coach, and clinical weight loss practitioner. Specializing in womens' health, weight loss and fitness for over 8 years. Offering you the following
Impact Body & Fitness - Women's Fitness Studio
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Boutique studio for women's personal and group fitness training. Offering a unique method for obtaining maximum results, with a personalized, energetic experience, and using a unique and varied training method adapted to the female body str
Ironi Aleph HaPrachim Sports Hall
The complex includes a basketball court, air-conditioned studios and a gym for members. In the mornings the hall serves the Ironi Aleph High School. In the afternoons it serves the community, with the following sporting activities: Basketba
Ironi Bet Sports Hall
In the complex: a basketball court, 2 air-conditioned studios and a gym for Modiin's sports teams. In the mornings the hall serves the high school Ironi Bet. In the afternoons, it serves the community, with the following sporting activities
Ironi Gimel HaMeginim Sports Hall
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
In the complex: a basketball court and air-conditioned studios. In the mornings the hall serves the high school Ironi Gimel. In the afternoons and evenings it serves the community, with the following sporting activities: Football school. Gy
Jason Stout - Sports & Fitness Instruction
Ligad / The Technological Park
Native English speaker. Helping you reach your potential, with personally tailored exercise routines to promote your health or to improve your sports performance. Working with a full range of people from beginners to Olympic champions. Serv
3 + 1 Free for Personal Fitness Training Sessions!
Judo TOP - Judo Chugim with Rani Hadar
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Unique program developed over many years focusing on teaching judo, with an emphasis on improving motor skills, building self-confidence and self-awareness, and instilling values ​​of respect for others, self-restraint and tolerance. The ac
Keizer Skate Park
750 sqm park suitable for scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and BMX bikes. For ages 10 and up. The main attraction at the park is a ramp at a height of around 2 meters and 5 meters wide, located at the northern end of the park. There are
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
Modiin General
Come and develop your fitness and fighting skills! Krav Maga and self defense training at a high level for children from age 5, youth and adults. Option for private or group sessions. The Krav Maga method taught in the X Arts sports clubs i
LaGa'at BaMayim - Teaching & Therapeutic Swimming Pool
Mevo Choron
A variety of water activities and treatments throughout the year! Specializing in hydrotherapy, baby swimming, spa treatments in water, water aerobics, and swimming lessons for children and adults (all year long). License from Health Minist
Liat Kassirer - Chi Gong and Tai Chi Classes in Modiin
Modiin General
Group and individual movement lessons to foster and improve physical and mental health through soft and flowing movement, attention to breathing and mindfulness - to strengthen the body and flexibility, to reduce stress and bring calm, to i
Lischot Nachon - Swimming School Managed by Moshe Regev
Registration for swimming courses starts at the beginning of May. Swimming lessons at the Maccabim pool for all ages, teaching all types of strokes, under the management of Moshe Regev, senior instructor (שלב ג') with 25 years of experience
Maccabim Sports Center
Swimming season 2024: from 14/5/24 to 15/9/24. Where sports and health meet. The Maccabim Sport Center offers 2 swimming pools: for adults and for toddlers, with a range of activities during the season, including swimming and style improvem
Makom BaMayim - Swimming School at the Maccabim Sports Center
Registration for swimming lessons and toddler swimming for summer 2024 is now open - classes start on 4/6/24! For information call: 055-9706007 This summer, gain confidence in the pool and learn to swim! Swimming classes for a variety of le
Men's Fitness with Mordechai Sopher
Native English speaker. Here to help you meet your health and fitness goals! Come and visit the new fitness studio in Shaalvim! Whatever your motivation may be, get in touch to get a personally customized program for your health and fitness
Modiin Capoeira School - Amos Doyev
Modiin General
Capoeira chugim for children, youth and adults. Acrobatics classes and Afro-Brazilian style movement, rhythm and drumming classes. Also offering activities and shows for events. To send a Whatsapp message for more information click here! Ca
Modiin Sportek
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
New 30 dunam sports complex including: 3 adjacent tennis courts. Beach volleyball court. 2 multi-purpose courts including 4 basketball and 2 football courts. 8 petanque playing fields. 'Basket-Forest' - special area with basketball baskets
Modiin's Football Pitch
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
The pitch is open for use of Modiin residents on Fridays and Saturdays between 17:00-19:00. You can contact the sports department: 08-9752210.
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
The complex includes: a swimming pool, 4 tennis courts, indoor basketball hall with 500 seats a public gym and 2 large studios for chugim.
Modiin's School of Basketball - Managed by Eyal Mizrachi & Nimrod Cohen
Modiin General
For info on the Summer sport camp for ages 6-12 - click here! Come and join Modiin's basketball family! For players from gan chova to yud alef, as well as women's and men's chugim -basketball chug for girls starting from Gan Chova! The sch
My Bike - Bicycle & Sports Equipment Store
Keizer Center
Long established store for the sale of bikes and related equipment, including electric bikes, and a range of sports products. High quality and professional bike repairs. In-store products include: Cycling equipment Safety equipment Skate bo
Free Helmet with Purchase of Bike / 50 ₪ Off Kids' Bikes!
My Ninja - Challenge Sports Center
City Center (Ma'ar)
For info re: the summer camp for ages 6-14 - click here! A social, challenging, competitive and professional sports center for fitness and ninja training for participants of any age and at any level, also for children with special needs. S
Naale Pool - Country Club, Swimming Lessons and Party Venue
Swimming season 2024: 30/5-28/9. Seasonal country club located on the top of the hill in the Naale village, with a pastoral atmosphere and a breathtaking view. An experience for the whole family, with events, happenings, sports competitions
Ninjitsu - Japanese Martial Arts Chug
Modiin General
Japanese martial arts chug for ages 4-17, providing children with physical, emotional and social skills through a combination of fighting techniques to prevent violence. Activity in small groups of up to 6 participants. The chug aims to dev
Ofnei Ha'ir - Bike Shop
Country Center
Sales * Hire * Training – all types of repairs. The first bicycle store in Modiin, opened over 15 years ago. New at Ofnei Ha'ir - club membership card offering permanent discounts and deals for club members. To join please contact the store
Olivo Farm - Horse Riding Chugim and Birthday Party Venue
Ben Shemen
For info on the Summer camp for ages 6-12 - click here! Riding lessons and therapeutic riding lessons for all ages (including preschoolers with miniature horses), on a pleasant and welcoming family farm surrounded by olive trees in Moshav
Otzma Modiin - Basketball Club & Chugim
Modiin General
For info on Summer camps in the morning and evening and for all ages - click here! The leading and most professional basketball club in town, representing Modiin since 1997. The club has 24 league teams, playing in the Basketball Associati
Otzma Super Kids (MVP) - Basketball Academy
Modiin General
For info on Summer camps in the morning and evening and for all ages - click here! The biggest and most professional basketball school in the city. 28 years of experience in Modiin, and currently teaching over 800 players. All the Chugim a
Outdoor Gyms in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut
Modiin General
The full list of outdoor gyms in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. Each location includes a large variety of equipment. Their locations: Asher street (access from the path next to house number 4) Binyamin opposite house number 26 Sportek on Shderot Beg
Performance Rock Modiin - Climbing Wall
City Center (Ma'ar)
For info on Summer Kaytanot for ages 6-12, and Summer camps for ages 13-18 - click here! Bouldering complex with over 100 climbing routes updated on a weekly basis, suitable for ages 4 and up, and for all levels. Bouldering is a branch wit
‭01/07 - 08/08‬ : Pesek Zman Swimming Camp - Summer 2024 (Ages 6-12)
2 Sessions
Don't mess with success! Modiin's only camp where you'll learn to swim! The camp is divided into two sessions that take place in July and August: First session, 1-21/7/24: Morning kaytana from 7:30 to 14:00 (Price: 3,550 ₪, Fee for transpor
Point - Sporting Gear, Swimwear & Ballet Clothing
Modiin Center
Modiin's oldest sports and fitness store! Clothes and shoes for Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, Dress Shoes – Bat Mitzva. Clothes for running and fitness - including Raven brand clothes for the gym. Judo and karate gear. Swimwear - including UV pro
Pooli - Swimming & Water Therapy Center
Registration for summer 2024 swimming lessons for ages 5+ has started! Small groups of up to 5 children with personal attention. [phone] Call now for more information: 055-9704851 Heated therapeutic pool suitable for infants, children and a
PT Plus - Boutique Physiotherapy, Equipment Pilates and Functional Training Studio
Kfar HaOranim
Private boutique studio offering physiotherapy, equipment pilates and functional fitness training. Managed by Yuval Shahak. Providing personally customized orthopedic, neurological and vestibular (vertigo) physiotherapy treatments. Also off
Reut Pais Sports Hall
In the complex: a basketball court and an air-conditioned studio, in which the center for ballroom dancing, Dance Continental, operates. In the mornings the hall is used by the school for its P.E classes. In the afternoons, it serves the sp
Reut Water Park
Outdoor pool opening May 15, 2024. Reut Water Park has opened it's gates to new members and families! Large family-oriented country club, offering the highest level of facilities in the country. The wide range of swimming and sports facili
Reut Water Park - Swimming Chugim & Competitive Teams
Come join a family of swimming champions! Swimming lessons from first grade and up, yearly swimming chugim for children and youth, competitive teams and adult lessons. Agudat Maccabi Park HaMayim Reut is one of the leading swimming clubs in
Riding Tracks at the Emek HaEla Park Amphi
Riding area for young children with bikes and ride on toys. The ground is painted with routes, intersections and traffic circles, providing a riding experience like for adults, while also teaching road safety. The amphitheater park itself,
Running & Fitness Club with Yoni Showalter
You are invited to join the Moreshet neighborhood's running group! In the group, you will have the opportunity to improve your running abilities and physical fitness, with a winning combination of enjoyment and perseverance. During the trai
Running Group for Children and Teens - Chug for Ages 11-17
Going back to routine! Join one of the running and fitness groups: Adults - running groups for beginners and advanced runners Youth and kids - running groups The optimal framework for building the various fitness elements from the basic sta
Free week of Running Training for Children and Youth!
Sanga Yoga
City Center (Ma'ar)
Come and experience a moment of quiet, that integrates physical work, breathing and relaxation. Come and practice yoga at Sanga Yoga Modiin - the biggest and oldest yoga community in town. Now in a new, welcoming, intimate, pleasant, profes
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Now is the best time ever to come and join fun workout classes that motivate you to work hard and see results! Fitness classes, personal training and fitness chugim for teenage girls with a Wingate Certified trainer and native English speak
Skate Park Modiin - Extreme Park
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Israel's biggest extreme park. The 2,600 sqm park is mainly used by skateboarders and scooter rides, and some BMX bikers (who can also use the adjacent, more suitable, bike park). Entrance is free, with adjacent parking for around 80 cars.
Skating & Biking Rink at Modiin Center Park
Flat, round rink with a diameter of around 30 meters, for rollerblading, cycling and scooters, for toddlers up to age 7-8. Also suitable for learning to cycle without training wheels. Around the rink, there is a metal railing that provides
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