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Fitness & Exercise in Modiin

Fitness studios, personal trainers, and sports and running groups and classes for keeping fit in the Modiin area.
Healthy By Sabrina
Elise Rynhold
Sabrina is an excellent professional trainer and a down-to-earth, fun person. She works me hard, and I'm gaining strength and flexibility which are my personal goals. Highly recommend Sabrina.
NME Fitness
Orly Laufer
After really struggling to lose weight for about a year and half after having my first baby, Naomi helped me finally see results. Her online course allows us to do the workouts when it's good for us and right in our living room. Her constant availability and support really help when we need a little motivation or have a question/concern. Every week there are new workouts and Naomi definitely keeps it interesting with all the different kinds of moves and classes. I had never exercised using weights before, but I've really come to appreciate them. I feel stronger and healthier. I'm fitting into clothes that I hadn't been able to wear throughtout my pregnancy and postpartum period and getting compliments from family/coworkers.
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Esti Butel
My daughters and I have been working out with Sherrill for many years now. We love her energy and the way she manages to work the whole body in an hour. Go with a friend, it's actually fun!
NME Fitness
Rachel Elkaim Barr
I love working out with Naomi! She is super talented and you can tell she knows her stuff! Highly recommend!
NME Fitness
Erika Be'eri
Naomi is an amazing trainer her workouts are great and tailored to you. I’ve grown much stronger and feel amazing after my workouts
NME Fitness
Tali Cohen
Highly recommend Naomi, both for her group classes and private training. She really helped me and inspired me to get back into exercising.
NME Fitness
Janice Mizrahi BenSadon
Naomie is awesome! Great workouts gets you motivated and awesome playlists!
NME Fitness
Hila Beery
For people who want to be strong, healthy and have a good shape!
NME Fitness
Ilana Rolnik
I love Naomi Eastman. She is an amazing trainer. So fun to work out with her and she is always motivating you.
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Rena Fruchter Landman
Highly recommend sherill's fitness classes! She has great energy, her workouts are varied, and you leave feeling great! She is a true professional and helps with modifications for all kinds of personal needs.
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Meira Harow Landsman
I’ve been working out by Sherrill for three years. It’s a fun and good workout. I love the music :) and Sherrill is very professional and makes sure we’re always pushing our selves to do even better without getting injured. I highly recommend her classes!
HaStudio Shel Sigalit - Dance & Exercise Chugim & Classes
רונית אטלינגר
העובדה היא שכבר למעלה מעשר נשים ובאופן קבוע (כמעט) אני פוקדת את הסטודיו של סיגלית פעמיים בשבוע במגוון שיעורים של פילאטיס עיצוב זומבה פלדנקרייז ועוד.. ועובדה היא שאלמלא סיגלית, באישיותה המדהימה מלאת ההומור והמקצועיות , כנראה לא הייתי שורדת אפילו שנה. אז אני מודה לך סיגלית על כל שנה שבזכותך אני יותר גמישה,יותר יציבה (גם בנפש וגם בגוף ) ויותר אוהבת את עצמי (כי אחרי כל שיעור אני גאה בעצמי )..
HaStudio Shel Sigalit - Dance & Exercise Chugim & Classes
Adi Cohen Siman Tov
סיגלית נהדרת, מסבירה ומדגימה בנועם, מתאימה לכל מתעמלת את התרגילים בהתאם לקושי. פשוט תענוג להגיע לשיעורים.
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
סיגלית כהן
ראשית, כיף להגיע לשיעור שהמדריכה מקצועית ונעימה. שנית, השיעורים מדורגים בצורה מיטבית. העבודה נעשית על כל חלק בגוף בדרגות קושי שונות ובהתאם ליכולות שלך. שלישית, לאורך זמן המדריכה מאתגרת אותנו והתוצאות הטובות לא מאחרות להגיע.
Healthy By Sabrina
Raphaël Freeman
Beware of this woman! I lost 18 kg working with her! My friends don’t recognise me. I had to buy a new wardrobe. Oh. You want to lose weight? Sabrina is the woman to go to then but you have been warned!
‭22/11‬ : The 15th Modiin Run 2019
Modiin's traditional annual run. For the results click here! (For road closures click here!) The updated Schedule from the official Site: From 05:30 - Gathering, distribution of participant's kits and
Healthy By Sabrina
Specializing in womens' holistic health, weight loss and fitness. Offering you the following programs: Personal Training Workout on your schedule with a certified and fully insured personal trainer. Full body workouts incorporate calistheni
Henn Mizrachy - Fitness Studio‎
Putting rhythm into your fitness and health! New! S.E.T chug for ages 6-99. For children, the chug is part of the Talan at a cost of only 120 ₪ per month! S.E.T (Sweat Every Time) - A winning combination of studio, outdoor and personal trai
IGNITE Fitness for Women - Personal Training, Exercise Classes & Nutrition Coaching
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Want to get in shape, but don't have time to go to the gym? Need external motivation? Don't know where to start, what to do, or how to achieve the goals you desire? Tova Eastman, native English speaker, will help you reach your fitness goal
Liat Kassirer - Chi Gong and Tai Chi Classes in Modiin
Modiin General
Group and individual movement lessons to foster and improve physical and mental health, through exercise based on the principals of Chinese medicine. The classes are suitable for both men and women, with no age limit. Intended for anyone in
NME Fitness
Make health and fitness a priority! NME kids fitness chug: Wednesdays at 18:15-19:00, girls ages 9-12, fun fitness games and workouts. Sign-up by the month: 150 ₪. Park on Emek Zvulun / Odem 6 (weather dependent). Native English speaker. R
50% Off First Training Session!
Ofer Mandil - Private Tennis Lessons
Modiin General
Senior tennis instructor and coach for private morning classes. Personal training and guidance to achieve your goals. Dozens of years of experience playing and coaching tennis. Manager of Neve Ilan and Har Adar tennis schools. Call for more
Ready 2 Run - Running Groups
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
English speaker. Friendly running groups suitable for all levels of runners, even those who have never run before. Beginners course For people with no running experience. In a period of about 4 months, you will learn how to run 10K, with lo
5% Off Beginner's Running Group!
Sanga Yoga
Feel tired and weak? When did you last make time for yourself? Come and experience a moment of quiet, that integrates physical work, breathing and relaxation. Come and practice yoga at Sanga Yoga Modiin! Yoga practice helps achieve a health
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Now is the best time ever to come and join fun workout classes that motivate you to work hard and see results! Fitness classes, personal training and fitness chugim for teenage girls with a Wingate Certified trainer and native English speak
SprinTeam - Running, Fitness & TRX Groups
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Modiin's biggest running club. Is everyone around you running - except you? Would you like to lose weight and get fit? How many times have you planned to go out and exercise and decided not to at the last moment? A group setting will give y
Total Fitness with Hannah - Personal Training and Small Group Classes
Modiin General
Professional personal training designed to suit your unique needs and give you a complete fitness experience. Will boost your motivation to lose weight and shape and tone your body! Training options include: Private training (1 on 1) Semi p
50% Off First Personal Training Session!
Yuval Shahak PT - Private Physiotherapist | Personal Fitness Trainer
Kfar HaOranim
Private physiotherapy clinic / private fitness studio. Certified physiotherapist - licensed by the Health Ministry. Holds a B.P.T. from HVA University, The Netherlands. Personal training and health instructor certificate from the Wingate In
YYC Running Club
Modiin General
Running club for beginners and advance runners offering a large range of types of training incorporating running, strength and running techniques. Come and enjoy a wonderful training experience and discover that the 'impossible' and 'diffic
Zooz Fitness - Women's Fitness & Health Studio
Azrieli Mall
Low-cost, high quality fitness studio, created by 'Zooz BaMachol'. For weekly class schedule click here! Suitable for women, pensioners, and women after birth. 12 trainers 30 weekly classes 11 different types of fitness classes (Pilates, ki
Anatomic - Boot Camp Training for Teenage Girls
Modiin General
Empowering, focused and fun! It's not easy to pull teenagers out of their comfort zone, away from their smartphones and from their air-conditioned rooms, into the open air, to work out, raise their heart rates, work their muscles, and sweat
Anatomic - Running Groups For All Levels + Personal Training
Modiin General
Running at your speed! Your running group and personal training in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut! Fluent English speaker. Running groups are open to all ages and all levels, both women and men, beginners and experienced runners, one-on-one or as a g
Free Personal Training Session with Registration to Running Group!
Bikeguide - Chugim, Training & Cycling Groups
Modiin General
The oldest and best-known biking club in Modiin, operating in the city for over a decade. NEW! Duathlon group for running and cycling. Offering: Chugim for children - beginners and advanced, until competitive level Cycling groups all over M
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Body in Mind Pilates Studio
Dimri Towers
Now in Dimri, on the ground floor of Yigal Yadin 49. Known for combining exceptionally high professional level with warm and personal atmosphere. Groups are small (up to 5 clients), building individual programs for each client. Pilates meth
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Azrieli Mall
Groups and individual training session in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children, youth and adults - from the basics to competitive level, with instruction by Roey Levy, certified teacher with 30 years of experience. Adult and youth track: Learn
Free Jiu Jitsu Class for a Month Trial!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Martial Arts Classes for Children, Youth & Adults
Modiin General
Want to protect yourself, get in shape and have fun? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - BJJ - is the martial art and self defense system that has revolutionized the martial arts world in the last 30 years. Using both standing and ground-based self defen
Esther's Fitness - Individual & Group Fitness Training
Native English speaker. Licensed fitness instructor, focusing on fun, creative and challenging routines - in private and semi-private or group sessions for both men and women (separate or as a group) from post army, through post childbirth,
Fitness for Men with Mordechai
Native English speaker. Fitness classes for men and youth with certified personal trainer and weight room coach. New! Fitness studio in Shaalvim - free trial session. Improve your fitness level, have fun in your workouts, feel healthier, an
Full Imoon Modiin - EMS Training
Euro Shops
Just 20 minutes of EMS training will give you the results of 4 workouts in the gym! The training method that has taken over Europe, now in Israel! Personal training session, based on a method developed by NASA 30 years ago. The training pro
Free Fat Burning Device Treatments with Purchase of Membership or Kartisiya!
Hadar's - Equipment Pilates Studio
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
More professional, more personal, more yours. Individual or small group training for all ages - with a mutual commitment to training and results. In Pilates, the quality of movement is of supreme value, and not the amount of repetitions of
Happy Hour - Boutique Equipment Pilates Studio
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Well-designed pilates studio with professional and innovative equipment. Suitable for up to four male/female participants. Managed by Lital Paldi - certified equipment and mat pilates instructor with special training for working with pregna
HaStudio Shel Sigalit - Dance & Exercise Chugim & Classes
Modiin General
Well established studio operating in Modiin since 1999, welcoming participants from infancy and up, in three locations in the city. Special studio, which is a home for movement, characterized by broad, deep and responsible observation of al
Line and Folk Dancing with Ora Shoval
Sachlavim House
Fun morning of dancing! You are invited to line dancing, folk dancing, circle and couples dancing, Balkan, American and South American dancing. For all those who love to dance, with or without experience. Start your day with joy and happine
Free Line and Folk Dancing Class!
Orthopedic Medical Massage and Yoga by Esti
Modiin General
Massage therapy for wellness and recovery, yoga lessons for private and group classes. Providing: customized massage treatments, using various modalities and techniques bodywork tune ups for injury prevention and wellness bodywork treatment
Fiteat Club - Weight Loss & Fitness
Professional services for correct nutrition and exercise. Interactive, high quality program for overweight children, youth and women who want to lose weight, and for those already at a healthy weight who want to maintain it over time, while
10% Off Registration for Children's, Teen's and Women's Fitness Groups!

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