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Children & Youth in Modiin

Everything you need for kids, tweens and teens in the Modiin area, including birthday parties, chugim, toy stores, soft play and more.
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Pooli - Swimming & Water Therapy Center
Therapeutic pool suitable for infants, children and adults. Operating in Lapid for 10 years now. The pool has modern and varied equipment for sports, activities for babies and water games for the various chugim. The range of chugim and wate
Prego Pizza Modiin - Moriah Center Branch
Moriah Center
New! Pizza with chili dough, whole wheat dough and turmeric dough! == Italian food with an Israeli flavor. The 'Moriah Center' branch of the Pizza Prego chain, which has been serving its special menu combination for more than 20 years. In t
Large Bottle of Drink for Only One Shekel with Delivery Order!
Private Maths Lessons - Moti Goldberg
Modiin General
Lots of experience and a successful record! Especially with children with ADD/ADHD and hyper-activity issues. Classes in the student's home. First class at no charge. Preference for students in kitot vav-tet, the most important classes - tr
QT - Maccabim Sports Center
New family center for parents and children, including a gymboree, chugim, story time, birthday parties, music, lectures for parents and more! New! Yoga Kids Chug - supports the development of attention span and concentration, builds a posit
Que-Riko Pizza & Pasta - Pizzeria & Catering Services
Lev HaEmek
Now open on Fridays too! Come and visit, under new management! For the full menu click here! Kosher LeMehadrin and Badatz Beit Yosef. Family atmosphere and warm and courteous service. Varied menu including classic pizzas with special combin
3 Family Pizzas + Topping or Drink for 100 ₪!
Ranit Elkrief - Tzeva HaChaim Arts Center
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Painting and art chugim for kids, youth and adults by a Bezalel graduate, with extensive experience in professional painting and art instruction. Fostering creativity, emotional expression and fun experiences in the world of color. Whether
Rina Itzuvim - Fimo Craft Chugim, Gifts and Jewelry
Polymer clay (fimo) chugim and workshops, birthday party fimo craft activities, and sale of fimo jewelry and crafts. Chugim and Workshops Working with fimo helps develop fine motor skills, relaxes, and develops the imagination. Chugim and w
First Month of Fimo Sculpting Chug Free!
Salelular - Store & Express Lab for Cellular Devices, Computers and Gaming
Lev HaEmek
Advanced Digital Solutions. Importers of cellular devices, tablets and computers (including Apple Mac). Prices from importer to consumer. A new branch for the long-established store in Ramat Gan. Selling products of all the leading brands:
Sharon Ki-Sharon - Ballet School for Small Children
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
Princesses aged 4-8 are invited to dance with love, with a unique ballet method that combines modern and classical ballet, and creates a magical and exciting dance experience, as special as it gets! Introductory class with parents present V
Shumbala - Birthday Party Magician, Balloon Arrangements, Food Stands & Fireworks
Modiin General
Magician and medical clown, winner of the second place in the Israel Children's Magic Championship. Committed to providing you with a perfect, top level event. 21 years of experience in running birthday parties and events, including additio
Siba LeMesiba - Party Supplies Store
Keizer Center
Your celebration begins here! Wide variety of products for every type of party: birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Brit, Simchat Bat, family events and more! Helium balloons, rubber balloons, pinatas, fireworks, candles, confetti cannons, soap bub
SMS - Sales & Lab for Cellular Phones & Computers
Modiin Center
The store has moved and is now located on the ground floor of Modiin Center opposite the entrance to Shufersal. The first cellular lab in Modiin. Authorized agent of Golan Telecom, Hot Mobile, Pelephone and 019. Repairing iPhones, Androids
Free Protective Smartphone Screen Sticker with Purchase of 150 ₪ or More!
Sport TEAM - Therapeutic Sports with Rani Hadar
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Unique therapeutic sports program, for personal and social empowerment. Contributes to muscle strength, upper body strength, improves attention and concentration and develops values ​​of respect for others, self-restraint and tolerance. The
SprinTeam - Running, Fitness & TRX Groups
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Modiin's biggest running club. Is everyone around you running - except you? Would you like to lose weight and get fit? How many times have you planned to go out and exercise and decided not to at the last moment? A group setting will give y
Stock Matok - Baking Products, Birthday Products & Candies for Events
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Largest store in Modiin and the surrounding area, offering a huge variety of candies in a range of shapes and colors, and a variety of tableware, decorations and products for birthdays, events and baking. The wide range of products you can
Box Sour Candy Strips Only 30 ₪, Kilo of Gummies 19.90 ₪ & More!
Stoochy - Clothing for the Whole Family
Modiin Center
Personal attention, quality and cheap prices! School shirts in 39 colors – free printing of school emblem! New! Order online on Stoochy's website! All types of digital printing on fabric for all purposes, including pillows, teddy bears, tow
Studio Al HaBama - Acting & Theater Chugim
Azrieli Mall
Acting and theater are skills for life, there is an actor hiding in each one of us… Let us help you discover the actor inside you! Groups divided according to age and experience. Professional teachers with extensive experience, knowledge an
Studio Mark - Art Chugim
Modiin General
Integrated art and crafts chugim for children, art kaytanot on Pesach and in the summer vacation, and art workshops for adults, by Yitzchak Mark, multi-disciplinary artist. The chugim provide participants meaningful, practical experience, e
Sunnysurf - Surfing Chugim
Special, challenging surfing courses in the Palmachim national park, known for its natural beauty. The surfing experience empowers and strengthens. The courses are taught by a team of experienced professional instructors and with the full s
T-Point - Tennis Academy
Modiin General
Tennis lessons for ages 5 to adults, part of the Sachalvim Chugim. Classes are held in the following schools: Nitzanim, Dorot, Idanim, Alonim, Kramim and HaEla. The lessons are suitable for all levels, ranging from beginners to competitive
Tafur Alai - Sewing & Knitting Chugim & Workshops
Lev HaEmek
Studio in Lev Ha'Emek Center! Not just another chug! Here you or your children can develop new skills that will last a lifetime! Classes are open to girls and boys, age 7-99, in groups or individual lessons. * New groups are opening on Thur
Teatron Shir - Musical Theater Shows for Birthday Parties
Modiin General
Range of musical and interactive shows for children, based on classic literature. The children are inviting to join in preparing the set and presenting the story. Incorporating theater puppets, percussion instruments, rhythm and movement ga
The Dance Center - Ayala & Zvika
Modiin General
Ballet, jazz, modern dance and hip hop classes for children, youth and adults. Longest established dance school in Modiin Maccabim Reut, active since 1992. The center excels in its preservation of quality and professionalism, work on both b
The Mobile Zula for Teenagers [Free]
Azrieli Mall
Open on Fridays. Activities and leisure area: sitting corners, table games, refreshments, multimedia & more... Open area for youth aged kita tet to yud-bet, with social madrichim. Table games - ping-pong, air hockey, fussball, refreshments,
The Swim Whisperer - Esti's Swim School
Specializing in aquaphobia treatment for adults and children, and preschool swimming. Aquaphobia treatment: Finally! Also adults with fear of swimming have hope to learn to swim, in a heated private swimming pool. At least 2% of the populat
Titora Institute of Art Development - Music Lessons at a Higher Level
Azrieli Mall
Music lessons for children and adults. Celebrating two decades of activity in Modiin this year, with a range of special deals throughout the year! Click here for a virtual tour of the institute! Classes for a variety of instruments: piano,
Tony Vespa Reut-Modiin - Pizzeria
New! Delivery service! You can order by phone or from the website all week long from 14:00 to 24:00. For the menu click here! Local branch of Tel Aviv's popular and beloved pizza chain - the best pizza in Israel! Come and enjoy 18 different
Triathlon Group for Children and Teens - Chug for Ages 11-17
Now is the time to join Reut Water Park's triathlon group for children and teens!* Why triathlon? Triathlon training for children and teens develops and improves motor skills and physical abilities, enhancing self-confidence and a sense of
Tronic - Cellular, Gadgets and Service Lab
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Repair lab, import and sale of cellular devices and accessories. Purchase in store or on website. Hardware and software repairs for a wide range of cellular devices, by certified technicians. Photo developing services available. Click here
Virtuoz (Yigal Israeli) - Guitar, Piano and Voice Training Lessons, Recording Studio, Guitar Store & Repairs in Modiin
New! Group lessons + Professional recording studio (details below)! Studio for music studies in Modiin under the management of Yigal Yisraeli, graduate of the prestigious Berkeley Music School. Session guitarist who has worked with Miki Gav
Waffle Bar - Cafe
Euro Shops
For the full menu in English click here! For the party platter menu click here! A different kind of cafe, with an extensive dairy menu filled with unique flavors and generous portions, all beautifully presented. Selection of high quality Be
5% Off Gluten Free Menu + 10% Off Events & Platters!
Yehuda Solomon - Bar Mitzvah Preparation & Private Lessons in Kodesh Subjects
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Lessons taught in either English or Hebrew, suitable for all ages. Private lessons in Kodesh subjects and preparation for Bar Mitzvah by private teacher with extensive experience and excellent explanation capabilitie
YYC Running Club
Modiin General
Running club for beginners and advance runners offering a large range of types of training incorporating running, strength and running techniques. Come and enjoy a wonderful training experience and discover that the 'impossible' and 'diffic
Zig Zag - Craft Chugim for Children, Youth and Adults
Craft chugim for children, youth and adults in a fun atmosphere with personal attention. Special and original crafts Instruction by professional staff with extensive experience Emphasis on the environment and recycling Chug Schedule: Monday
Zinn Sport - Swimming Lessons & Water Therapies
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
Swimming chugim during the school year, between October and May are taking place at the Municipal Pool and at Holmes Place - call for hours and more details! Wide range of water activities: swimming lessons for all ages, groups for advanced
Zooz BeMachol - Studio & Professional Dance Troupes
Azrieli Mall
Classes from age 3 to adults: pre-school dance, jazz, Israeli dance, ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, point, modern dance, breakdance, zumba... Managed by Galit and Roi Kabiri. The Zooz Dance classes and ensemble groups take place in a variety of
Zumba Chic - Zumba Birthday Parties & Activities For Girls
Modiin General
Fabulous Zumba parties - an experience you will not forget! Birthday celebrations with lots of energy, including games, surprises and activities: Dance activity for your child's birthday - Zumba dancing in a variety of styles: hip hop, Lati
Aldo Shilat - Ice Cream Parlor & Desserts Restaurant
The flagship branch of the most beloved ice cream - now in Shilat! New branch, spacious and cozy with 40 seats inside and another 24 outside. Offering a large selection of tasty and high quality ice creams and sweets: Ice cream in a variety
Chava BaKfar - Therapeutic Horse Riding
Kfar Rut
Therapeutic farm, attended daily by students of all ages, as well as professional riders. The farm which was founded in 2006 in Kfar Rut, specializes in several types of horse riding: Therapeutic riding English style – jumping and dressage
10% Off Sport & Therapeutic Horse Riding Lessons!
Dr. Lego - Chugim, Activities for Schools & Birthdays
Modiin General
Lego engineering and robotics chugim and birthday parties! Are your kids crazy about Lego? Dr. Lego offers fun enrichment chugim, cool Lego birthday parties, interactive laser challenge birthday parties and a range of activities and worksho
Giant Pizza
Country Center
Back in a BIG way! The beloved and tasty pizza Rich menu Kosher LeMehadrin. True to its name, it's the biggest pizza in the country, and it won't fit through your front door! Alongside the unique giant pizza, you will also find pizzas in "r
Hummus Eliyahu - Modiin Branch
Keizer Center
The Modiin branch of the biggest Hummus chain in Israel. Vegetarian hummus restaurant, offering warm and fresh hummus, served with a variety of toppings, and a range of other tasty dishes. Hummus ground and prepared with love for each order
iPro Moriah Center - Cellphone Accessories and Repairs
Moriah Center
Solutions for all your cellular phone needs. Repair and sale of all types of cellular devices, specializing in iPhones. Repairing broken screens for iPhones, iPads, iPods and all other types of devices. Best and fastest team of technicians
Iriyah Policy on Private Events in Public Parks
Modiin General
All the details and procedures to be taken into account before planning to hold a party or event in one of the parks in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. Please note that a special permit is required for events at Anava Park. Permitted events include:
Judita - Crafts Chug for Children
Chug for creative children who love arts and crafts. Interesting and unique chug that introduces old-time arts, with personal attention and creative products. Each session, the students will create charming items, learning about creating wi
Point - Sporting Gear, Swimwear & Ballet Clothing
Modiin Center
Come visit Modiin's oldest sports and fitness store! Clothes and shoes for Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, Dress Shoes – Bat Mitzva. Clothes for running and fitness. Judo and karate gear. Swimwear (including modest swimwear), goggles, inflatable ar
Sherrill’s Total Fitness for Women & Teens
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Now is the best time ever to come and join fun workout classes that motivate you to work hard and see results! Fitness classes, personal training and fitness chugim for teenage girls with a Wingate Certified trainer and native English speak
Zahala Farm - Horse Farm for Therapeutic Riding, Treks, Team Building & Birthdays
Mevo Choron
Family horse farm in the heart of Emek Ayalon next to Modiin, with breathtaking views over the orchards and fields. The farm offers a wide range of activities, including: Therapeutic riding Horse riding Chugim Horse riding treks for couples
Free Trial Class with Registration for Horse Riding Course!
Acord Studio - The Largest Music School in Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Wide range of musical services including music lessons, choir management, recording and rehearsal space. Come and enjoy the range of services offered by the biggest music school in Modiin: Guitar lessons: classic, electric and bass. Drummin
Alejandra Okret Art Studio - Art Lessons for Adults, Teens & Kids
A place where time curves differently, a space to breathe art… The studio is open twice a week to students (Mondays and Tuesdays), offering a space for art lovers of all ages: adults, teenagers and children. Lessons are run in small groups
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