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08/12-10/12 : Puppet Theater Festival - Chanukah 2015

Maccabim Moadon Noar, Yisrael Peled 100, Maccabim

Three days of children's shows with one morning and two evening shows every day.

The full program:

Tue 8/12:

11:00 - "Who Moved My Sufganiyah". Preparing the biggest Suganiyah in the country, determined Miki won't give up on his friends who are not available to help him. Sefi the wizard takes the sufganiyah. What will Miki do when he discovers that the chag meal is in danger?

Ages 3-7. Teatron Chavayah.

16:00 - "The Ugly Duckling". Mother duck sat and hatched three eggs. Two cute yellow chicks emerged from two eggs, and from the third - an unusual grey chick. The two chicks bullied and rejected him, and the chick decides to run away. What happens to the little duckling on his journey. And how, from and ugly duckling, does he turn into a beautiful swan.

Ages 3-8. Teatron Bim Bam Bom.

18:00 - "The Nightingale and the Emperor of China". The Emperor's palace is a world wonder, made from fragile porcelain, with rare flowers in the garden and a nightingale, whose song brings people from all over the world to hear it, living between the trees. The Emperor orders the nightingale to be caged. Will it continue to sing its song?

Ages 4-8. Teatron Bim Bam Bom.

Wed 9/12:

11:00 - "The Gruffalo". A mouse happily goes for a walk in the forest, and meets the fox, owl and snake on their way to meet the frightful Gruffalo. The mouse laughs at the thought that someone could believe there is such a thing as a Gruffalo, and when he meets him the only reason he doesn't eat the mouse is his cleverness.

Ages 3-7. Teatron Bim Bam Bom.

16:00 - "Cheep's Journey". The forest animals are getting prepared for Chanukah, but a mysterious creature threatens to ruin the celebrations. Cheep, a small and brave bird, decides to set out on a journey to meet the creature and make peace with them.

Ages 3-8. Teatron Chavayah.

18:00 - "The Turtle and the Hare". The hare constantly shows off... He talks about himself and belittles the animals who are slower than him. In the end, his arrogance causes him to lose a race against the old and smart turtle.

Ages 3-7. Teatron Chavayah.

Thu 10/12:

11:00 - "The Artist and the Bird". The journey of a colorful painted bird, sold to a young man, who escapes from the picture, until she finds her way back to the painter who created her.

Ages 3-8. Teatron Rachok.

16:00 - "Chalomot Pach". Yosi the street cleaner makes up stories based on objects he finds in the trash, and this time makes up a story about a journey that starts in a small hut and ends in the king's palace.

Ages 4 and over. Teatron Rachok.

18:00 - "HaMelech Amar". In the kingdom of 'Bitzbutza' King Amar, a spoiled and mindless king, reigns. The frogs disturb his rest, and he decides to banish them. This reckless act starts a chain of unpredictable events. The show deals with mutual dependence between all creatures in nature.

Ages 4 and over. Teatron Rachok.



Cost: 30 ₪. One parent free.

Purchase of tickets at the Merkaz Lesherut Ha'ezrach in the Iriyah 08-9726020 and at the venue on the day of the show (only if there are still tickets available).


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