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21/09 : Gift Fair for the Chagim at the Lev Reut Center

Lev Reut Shopping Center, Sderot Ha'Omarim, Reut

Large fair which will also include fun activities for kids - inflatables, juggling, origami and more, so they can play while the parents are shopping.

The adults will be able to choose who to spoil for the Chag, from the many stalls at the fair including:

  • Varied jewelry with unique designs.
  • Perfumed oils and aromatherapy products.
  • Handmade children's clothing.
  • Designed cakes, sweet parcels, and wine packages.
  • Drawings and pictures in various styles.
  • Women's clothing and cosmetics.
  • Products and designs for children's rooms.
  • Herbal teas and special kettles.
  • Handicrafts: ceramics, wooden roses, special aprons.
  • Range of products from Lechem Erez - halva, olives, biscuits, Barkanit cheeses and other treats, and a variety of other stalls and surprises.

The fair will host businesses from Otef Aza.


Sun 21/9, 17:00-21:00.


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