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31/12 : Family Harmony According to Power Numbers - December Meeting Etzel Ada BaSalon

Almog 5, Reut

Dairy gourmet meal and a fascinating talk.

And this time at Etzel Ada BaSalon - on a special date - you are invited to get to know the world through ancient codes, frequencies, energies and numbers.

'Family Harmony According to Power Numbers' - an enjoyable and interactive lecture with Galit Rubinshtein, which will help you gain understanding of your power numbers.

You will learn how to analyze yourself and your loved ones by date of birth, and significant numbers that influence you and your choices.

  • With what tools did we come into the world?
  • What challenges were we born with?
  • What path are we about to take?
  • What is our potential?

Our date of birth opens a window of understanding as to who we are. How is our personality constructed, who are we as partners, who are we as parents, who we are as children of..., how do we behave in relationships and what moves us to behave in one way or another with the different people in our lives.

Can we make changes in ourselves or is it all decided? Does numerology belong to the spiritual world or the world of science?

The lecture will be accompanied by live examples.

'Numbers don't only count, numbers tell the story of life' (Pythagoras)

About Galit Rubinshtein: Numerologist, teacher, lecturer and professional personal adviser. Lives and breathes numbers, facilitator for women's circles, birthdays, bachelorette parties and team building. Lead spiritual ceremonies and interactive workshops. Runs clinic in Modiin.


Thu 31/12, 19:30.

Cost: 120 ₪ per participant, including luxurious dairy meal.

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