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28/07 : Family Survival Activity at Neot Kedumim

Neot Kdumim, Route 443, between Modiin and Route 1

Come for a different and special activity during the summer vacation!

Every summer you go to the pool, kaytana, chugim, watch TV, go to the beach, grandma and grandpa and to the pool again...

Need a change? Can't survive the summer?

Come and experience a guided walking tour of how Israeli families survived during the times of the Tanach.

The children will go back in time to an era in which basic things such as food, shelter, defense, heating and air conditioning were not a given. Using resources from the surrounding fields and nature, participants will get useful tips for daily life.

Neot Kedumim invites you to a unique family experience, during which you will learn about the most important plants for survival in nature:

  • Firstly the 'Sira Kotzanit' (Sarcopoterium). A common wild plant that every survivor should know about. It can be used to light fires, make mattresses, refrigerators, medicines and more. During the activity you will make a personal and very useful broom.
  • In the shade of the palm tree you will learn how our forefathers survived in the desert. How one tall tree provided them with shade, thatch, food, building materials and more... You will create ropes from the fibers of the palm tree that will connect you to the period of our forefathers.
  • When we get hungry, we will light a fire with lighting materials we have gathered and fry chips from the leaves of salty plants - an ancient snack, together with pitot on the tabun and cheeses made with the help of the resin of fig leaves.

After an experience like this, you'll easily survive the summer vacation...


Every Thursday in July - 7/7, 14/7, 21/7, 28/7 at 17:00.

Entry: 40 ₪.


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