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22/02-24/02 : Registration Fair for Meshaprei Diur & Chasrei Dira - Mechir Matara Project on Sderot HaChashmonaim

Gag HaAdom Youth Moadon, Adar 2 (behind the Dor Alon gas station), Modiin

Special fair for Meshaprei Diur (people seeking to own a better property) and Chasrei Dira (people who never owned a property) who were not able to issue the Ishur Zakaut via the website of the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

The first lottery of the Diur Bar Hasaga (achievable housing) Mechir Matara project on Sderot HaChashmonaim has opened for registration from 15/2 until 14/3, for Chasrei Dira and Meshaprei Diur holding a Teudat Zakaut (eligibility document).

For those eligible who have not yet had an Ishur Zakaut issued via the website of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, there's a special registration point for 3 days at the 'Gag HaAdom' youth club at the entrance to the city, Rechov Adar 2 (behind the Dor Alon gas station) on Wed and Thu 22-23/2 from 16:00-20:00 and Fri 24/2 from 8:30-12:30.

It is recommended to book an appointment ahead of time via the hotlines of the companies or their websites (please mention 'יריד הרשמה מודיעין'): Alonim *2850, Milgam *6078, Amidar *6266. Cost of issuing Teudat Zakaut is 240 ₪.

Please note! There is no registration for the apartment lottery at the fair, but only the request for Zakaut for those who were not yet able to issue the Ishur Zakaut via the website of the Ministry of Construction and Housing. Those holding a valid Ishur do not need to come to the registration fair.

For more information on tracks, criteria and required documents in order to issue the Teudat Zakaut click here!

Those holding a Teudat Zakaut can already sign up for the lottery using this link.

Image of Sderot Chashmonaim: courtesy of Guy and Doron Levy.


  • Wed 22/2, 16:00-20:00
  • Thu 23/2, 16:00-20:00
  • Fri 24/2, 08:30-12:30


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