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Results of the Tenders for the Nofim Neighborhood

Update for the Municipality's spokesman's office.

No fewer than 103 proposals from purchasing groups and construction companies were submitted for the 29 tenders for building 1,725 housing units in the Nofim neighborhood.

The plots were purchased for a sum of over 458 million shekels - prices hundreds of percentages higher than the minimum price set by the Israel Lands Authority. These numbers are a testimony to the high demand for the neighborhood and for the city.

Many purchasing groups competed for the tenders, winning ten plots. Among the winning construction companies are Donna and Zilbermintz who already have built and are currently building in the city in the older neighborhoods, Shafir Megurim, Duga Chevra LeHandasa, Gaddaf, Marvik Achzakot and more. The winning purchasing groups include Achdut Modiin, the Eliya Agam group (Shumacher), Pisgat HaAchdut Modiin and more.

The 'Shafir Megurim' company won the largest plot in the neighborhood and will be building 228 housing units. The company offered 54.72 million shekels for the land, of which around 38 million shekels are intended for development.

The Duga company won a plot for the construction of 117 housing units with an offer of 28.3 million. The Gaddaf company won a plot for the contruction of 112 units for which it will pay around 29 million shekels. The Zilbermintz company obtained the rights to build 105 housing units after offering 31.7 million shekels for the land.

Among the purchasing groups were the Achdut Modiin group who won a tender for building 62 housing units for a price of 14 million shekels. An additional group, led by David Johan, won a plot for the construction of 86 units at a cost of 31.3 million shekels.

The new neighborhood will stretch over 955 dunams and will include 9,500 square meters of commercial and office space, ganim, elementary and high schools, public buildings and green areas that will look over Anava park and will connect to the adjacent neighborhoods with bridges and underpasses.

The Nofim neighborhood is the first one in the city being marketed for construction in the framework of 'Tochnit HaGag' and it the first neighborhood of four additional ones in various planning stages which will ultimately include 12,000 housing units, educational and public buildings and commericial and business spaces.

The work on the construction of the new neighborhood, for which infrastructure work is already underway, will be accompanied by transportation and municipal investments, including the paving of a new road (180) and its connection to route 431 and the construction of 3 transporation bridges.

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