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Diur LaMishtaken: Beginning of Registration for Lotteries

Registration: Adv. Ilanit Shay Farber, Atrium Building in the Technology Park, HaMaayan 2, Modiin

The first lottery for the 'Diur LaMishtaken' project in the Tziporim neighborhood is opening. The Dona company, who won the building plot in the new neighborhood, have committed to selling 24 units of 3 rooms at a discounted price of 749 thousand shekels.

The registration for the lottery opened on Monday 25/5 and will be open until 22/6. There is no significance to the registration date. Those signing up on the first day have the exact same chances as those signing up on the last day.

Registration is taking place at the offices of Adv, Ilanit Shay Farber, on Rechov HaMaayan 2, on the entrance level of the Atrium Building in the city's technology park. Registration will take place daily from 09:00-15:00 and on Fridays from 09:00-13:00.

In order to register, both partners need to come in together and bring their valid 'Teudat Zakaut' from Misrad HaShikun, as well as their 'Ishur Hishtatfut BeProjectim BeMisgeret Mechir Mishtaken'. The folder that all those eligible received has 5 copies of each of these documents. In addition, they should bring their Te'udat Zehut with appendix listing children and a photocopy of both the te'udat zehut and the appendix. There is no fee for participation in the lottery.

As has been previously noted, a quarter of the apartments in the current lottery are for those who hold 11-54 points, half for those with 55-64 points, and a quarter for those with over 65 points. The points are noted in the Teudat Zakaut.

Winners cannot sell their apartments within 10 years of taking ownership, and cannot rent them out within the first 5 years.

These are the first 24 out of 168 apartments that will be divided by lottery in the upcoming months.



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