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Test & Go Station - Coronavirus Testing Facility

Based on Annoucements of the Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Spokesperson.
Last Updated: 10 days ago

A MADA drive-through facility in Modiin for carrying out Coronavirus tests. Entrance is only after being summoned. The facility is located at the Municipal Sports Center parking lot on Emek Zevulun.

The new testing area, operating as of 31/3, is intended for residents who are in solitary confinement, who have developed symptoms and who have been summoned by MADA. No person should approach unless they have received a summons because the area may be infected!

Residents who are in solitary confinement, and who have developed symptoms need to:

  • Contact the MADA hotline (Tel: 101).
  • If the MADA representative decides that you need to come to be tested, you will receive an SMS message with a link to fill in your personal information
  • After entering these details, you will receive a QR code.
  • Upon receipt of this QR code, you may go to the testing facility, at the specified time.
  • Entrance in a private vehicle only, and with the windows closed.

What to bring for the examination:

  • Mobile phone showing the QR code
  • Identification (If the resident is a minor, he/she must come with a parent who will present his/her ID along with the attachment (sefach) containing the child's details. If an adult is in need of assistance during the examination, make sure the accompanying adult is sitting next to him/her in the back seat.

The examination process:

  • At the entrance to the facility, the phone screen with the received QR code must be displayed (This is the only way to enter the facility and conduct the test).
  • If there are multiple residents to be tested in the same vehicle, the driver must present the codes of everyone present.
  • During the inspection itself, MADA's paramedics will take the specimen and store it in a refrigerator until it is transferred to the laboratory for examination.

MADA wishes to emphasize that at no point in the process should anyone leave the vehicle or open windows, except when requested to do so by a MADA worker.


Based on the press release of the Iriya's spokeperson from March 31, 2020.



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